If you tried to constantly refresh your home with all the new tech that rolls out, you'd end up spending thousands of dollars before you were finished. New gear is constantly announced. It seems like every other da, some new gadget hits the market, and while that's all fun and exciting, you can often opt for last-generation tech and get a product that's just as great for significantly less money.

For a limited time, while supplies last, Woot has the first-generation Amazon Echo Smart Speaker on sale for $29.99. Note that these items are being sold in used condition. However, they've been thoroughly tested to ensure they work perfectly, as if they were new. The only difference aside from a few cosmetic blemishes is the price you'll pay today. The speaker is available in "Used - Very Good" condition in both Black and White. Use Amazon Prime to skip Woot's $6 shipping charge.

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Throwback Tuesday

Amazon Echo 1st Generation Smart Speaker (Used Condition)

These speakers aren't the latest and greatest, but they're still nice to have around. Today's deal gets you a speaker in used condition, however, every item has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it works perfectly.


The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

Though this may be the first iteration of the Amazon Echo, it's still a perfectly fine speaker. I use this same model nearly every day and have absolutely zero issues with it. It's loud, it has a small footprint, and it recognizes my voice with ease. The second-generation Echo got a redesign and upgraded sound, but if you're worried about crystal-clear highs and a deep, resonating bass, you're probably looking for a deal on headphones, not a smart speaker.

Amazon Echo, of course, also has Alexa built right in. That's the same voice assistant all of Amazon's smart devices ship with. There's no difference in her capabilities between the two Echo generations. You'll still be able to control smart home devices, send messages, stream music, play games, ask questions, and check the weather with a few spoken words. If you're looking to add Alexa to more rooms of your home, I vote you do it for $30 while you still can.

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