Pick up Aukey's color-changing table lamp for $21 with these codes

Whether you're reading in bed, watching a show, or having a solo dance party, Aukey's Table Lamp can help you set the perfect mood. Usually $28, you can pick it up for $20.67 today when you first clip the on-page coupon and then enter code 85H8NH2A during checkout at Amazon. Today's deal is one dollar higher than the best we've ever seen for this product. You can get free shipping by either spending at least $25 or by using Amazon Prime.

Clip the on-page coupon and then enter the promo code to drop the price of this well-rated lamp. Today's deal comes within a dollar of the best we've seen. The lamp has tons of color options and brightness levels to choose from.

This ain't your average table lamp. It has warm, white light for a nice glow, but you can also pick from several vibrant colors, like purple, teal, and red. All of the colors are dimmable and adjustable as well. The light is easy to control. Simply touch the base to adjust the brightness, choose a new color, or cycle through the spectrum. The base of the lamp is a 360-degree touch-sensitive controller as well, so you'll be able to adjust the illumination with ease no matter where you're sitting.

Having multple forms of light is nice because different lighting is ideal for different situations. If you're trying to study, you want light that's as bright and white as possible. Alternatively, if you're reading a book before bedtime, you probably want something a bit dimmer. This table lamp gets you the best of both worlds.

Aukey backs your purchase up with both a 45-day money-back guarantee as well as a 24-month warranty. Over 3,400 customer reviews left it with 4.4 out of 5 stars on average.

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Louryn Strampe

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