The Galaxy S23 Plus could score a huge plus with a larger battery

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus renders
(Image credit: Onleaks x Smartprix)

What you need to know

  • Recent certifications appear to point to the respective battery capacities for the Galaxy S23+ and Ultra.
  • The Galaxy S23+ may receive a larger 4,700mAh battery, while the S23 Ultra will likely stay the same.
  • Both phones are set to launch in early 2023 alongside the standard Galaxy S23.

Leaks of the Galaxy S23 series are starting to ramp up as we approach the end of the year. One of the biggest questions we have about the devices is what the battery life will be like, and the latest bit of information reveals some potentially good news.

According to Galaxy Club, the Galaxy S23+ may be outfitted with a 4,700mAh battery, a clear improvement from the 4,500mAh battery found in the Galaxy S22+. Battery life wasn't really a problem with our S22+, but it's good to know that Samsung may be looking to squeeze a larger battery into the device, even if it's not exactly the 4,800mAh battery we saw in the Galaxy S21+.

In addition to the Plus battery, Galaxy Club claims that the Galaxy S23 Ultra may not see a change in this regard, sporting a 5,000mAh battery. While we weren't impressed with the battery life in the Galaxy S22 Ultra, hopefully the upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset will prove much more efficient.

One area we'd really love to see some improvement in is the standard Galaxy S23. While testing the Galaxy S22, I found it to have poor battery life, with an average of four hours of screen-on time. In regular use, I can barely make it to lunchtime without needing to plug it in (my days start at 5 am). Galaxy Club has yet to mention the battery capacity for the standard Galaxy S23, but with any luck, we'll get a boost in battery life.

Thanks to some leaked renders, we already have a good idea of what the phones will look like. Despite some visual changes, the phones will reportedly have roughly the same dimensions. However, we likely wouldn't mind slightly thicker phones if that meant we get much better battery life.

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