The Galaxy S23, S23 Plus may look a lot more like the Galaxy S22 Ultra than we expected

The camera module on the Burgundy Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The first renders of the Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus show a camera module redesign that looks quite similar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra.
  • These renders show three camera modules, which are all individually raised from the body instead of the camera island that's been used in Galaxy S21 and S22 phones.
  • We expect the Galaxy S23 family to debut sometime after the New Year in early 2023.

Samsung might not have any big upcoming launches planned for the rest of 2022 so, instead, leakers have resorted to spoiling the company's next big launches scheduled for early 2023. The Samsung Galaxy S23 family is expected to debut sometime after the New Year and looks to bring with it a surprising redesign.

Onleaks and Smartprix have debuted the first renders of Samsung's upcoming Plus-model flagship, which looks to have slightly different dimensions and a different camera module when compared to the Galaxy S22 Plus, our current favorite Android phone.

Like that model, the S23 Plus looks to feature three main cameras on the back. While the telephoto camera is rumored to remain the same as the S22 Plus, it looks like all three cameras will look physically different on the body, taking after the raised lenses from the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Following that, Onleaks and Digit posted similar renders of the smaller Samsung Galaxy S23 in a white colorway showing the exact same camera module design. This would be the smaller of the three assumed Galaxy S23 models and sports a 6.1-inch nearly bezel-less display, according to the renders. Previous leaks also indicate that we may get an upgraded selfie camera.

It's a bit odd seeing Samsung get rid of its distinctive camera island but changing things up also makes it look different from the previous two years of Galaxy S flagships. The downsides to this design include the potential to break a lens if it lands wrong — since those lenses jut out individually — and the fact that individual raised lenses tend to collect dust like nobody's business, a problem we often encounter with the S22 Ultra.

These leaked renders also show a slight size change in the S23 Plus when compared to the S22 Plus. Specifically, it looks to be .3mm taller and .3mm narrower, while the vanilla S23 is also reportedly slightly bigger. However, we're not entirely sure why this change is occurring since there don't look to be any other major design changes that should affect the display or phone size. Both Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus look to retain the same screen size as their predecessors.

The phone looks to feature the same flat back and flatter sides as the S22 Plus, complete with a pair of stereo speakers, a USB type-C port and SIM tray at the bottom, and volume rockers and a power button located on the right side. While the renders only show one color apiece, it looks like Samsung is sticking with the matte finish on the S23, if these renders are anything to go by.

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