Samsung Galaxy A53 pre-order comes with free pair of Galaxy Buds Live - ends today

Samsung Galaxy A53
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The phone isn't even technically out yet and Samsung is already offering a pretty epic Samsung Galaxy A53 deal ahead of tomorrow's release date. Simply pre-order the Galaxy A53 5G right now and Samsung will throw in a pair of Galaxy Buds Live earbuds — it's that simple.

This is the perfect promotion for those who plan to pick up the company's newest mid-range smartphone anyway but just haven't clicked the 'pre-order' button yet. The Samsung pre-order deal will only be happening today (the phone officially drops tomorrow), so don't wait. It's also worth mentioning that you could get up to $100 of instant credit if you trade in your old device.

If you're looking for an inexpensive phone that doesn't shy away from cutting-edge features, then the Samsung Galaxy A53 is for you. This device boasts an immersive 120Hz AMOLED screen, a very capable 5,000MAh battery, and a 64MP rear camera. Pretty good for a phone that will retail for $450 / £399 when it hits store shelves on April 1st.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live aren't too shabby either. Despite their unusual, bean-like appearance, these wireless earbuds deliver pristine audio with a comfortable and discreet fit. Samsung produces some of the best wireless earbuds around, so now's your chance to try a pair for yourself. 

Galaxy Buds Live: $169.99FREE with pre-order of Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Galaxy Buds Live: $169.99 FREE with pre-order of Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Pre-order Samsung's Galaxy A53 today and the company will throw in a free pair of Galaxy Buds Live earbuds. You also get to choose the color of your earbuds during checkout, with stylish options like Mystic Blue and Mystic Bronze available.

Samsung is saying that the earbuds have a price tag of $169.99, but be aware that it's not impossible to find Galaxy Buds Live for as low as $99. That being said, this is still a great deal if you need a pair of wireless earbuds with your new phone. 

Samsung is also offering up to $100 of trade-in credit if you turn in your old device when purchasing the Galaxy A53. Check out our tips and tricks on how to maximize the money you get when trading in a phone.

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