OnePlus Open officially teased, and the launch is to commence soon

OnePlus Open teaser image
(Image credit: OnePlus)

What you need to know

  • OnePlus started teasing its first foldable smartphone.
  • It is likely to be dubbed OnePlus Open and it is "Opening Soon."
  • The company says that the device is its best technology innovation to date.

After getting spotted in the wild and recent hands-on video from Unbox Therapy, OnePlus has officially started teasing its first foldable smartphone, which is likely to be dubbed OnePlus Open.

The company has started teasing its upcoming foldable phone, and although it has not fully revealed the device in full, the post assures its existence. And the company is still keeping the moniker under wraps for some reason. Previously, the device was rumored to be named the OnePlus V Fold, and later leaked renderings suggested it would be called the OnePlus Open.

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OnePlus has also cheekily posted "We OPEN when others FOLD" on X during the launch of Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 in July this year.

As stated, the teaser image only reveals a little, not even the launch date, which is rumored to be later this month. Instead, the company hints that the device is "Opening soon."

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Another teaser posted by OnePlus India hints at the company's dedication over the past ten years to bring the best of its technologies, foldable in this case, to its community folks. The teaser showcases scattered foldable papers, and at the end, the company subtly puts "the best is yet to come," to generate hype for its OnePlus Open, which is understandable considering it is the first foldable phone from the company.

Additionally, OnePlus, for the first time, has showcased the device to some extent through the Unbox Therapy YouTube Channel, wherein the host, Lewis Hilsenteger, interviewed OnePlus CEO Pete Lau while having hands-on experience with the OnePlus Open. The device in the video has been shown to some extent, like showcasing the front screen, alert slider, and green colorway. However, the large camera visor spotted in the previous renders was concealed in the video.

The device was also spotted in the hands of an Indian actress recently, which also looked intentional, showcasing the device in full, including the camera visor, which is significantly large.

The other interesting aspect about the OnePlus Open is it is co-developed by Oppo, meaning the upcoming Find N3 would look identical as the same team puts them up. According to Lau, both devices will cater to different markets, and the Find N3 being limited to China is working well for the company. The OnePlus Open will, however, see a global audience.

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The Find N3 was recently spotted on X, courtesy of Abhishek Yadav. The shared images reveal the device fully with a giant camera visor with Hasselblad branding. With the looks of it, we expect similar design aesthetics from the OnePlus Open, which is likely to be launched in the coming days or weeks.

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