New OnePlus Open renders reveal the device in all its glory

OnePlus Open marketing image
(Image credit: Roland Quandt/ WinFuture)

What you need to know

  • OnePlus Open marketing images reveal the device from all angles and two new colorways of the foldable phone.
  • It comes in green and black colorways and is expected to launch on October 19.
  • The device will likely resemble Oppo's Find N3, including design and Hasselblad integration for optics.

While OnePlus has just started officially teasing its first foldable, new images leaked before the launch reveal the OnePlus Open in all its glory.

The new images, likely the first possible renders of the OnePlus Open, are shared online by Roland Quandt via WinFuture. According to the tipster, these images are the marketing renders of the foldable phone launching this month, as OnePlus has yet to reveal the release date.

Going by the renders, the device looks beautiful, to say the least. It features a green colorway, as seen in the recent Unbox Therapy's hands-on video, alongside the conventional black variant, which was also spotted recently in the wild. As for the design, it is a conventional book-style foldable akin to Galaxy Z Fold 5. However, the giant camera visor on the rear makes the device stand out amongst the current foldables in the market.

The alleged OnePlus Open features squared-off edges and rounded corners that could likely give a comfortable in-hand feel, a significant parameter for any device that big to use for longer periods.

Users have to bear in mind that the OnePlus Open is dubbed as Find N3 as both are simultaneously co-developed by Oppo and OnePlus and carry the same design aesthetics. The approach of both phones is catered to different markets, as Oppo's Find N3 is confined to China, while the OnePlus Open is aiming at a global audience.

Aside from the marketing renders, tipster Quandt has further shared the expected specifications of the device, which includes a 7.8-inch OLED foldable screen manufactured by Chinese supplier BOE. In contrast, an earlier report has stated that OnePlus is ditching BOE displays in favor of Samsung displays. Regardless, the device should sport a decent display since it is the company's first iteration of the foldable handset.

On the front, the cover screen is said to be measuring 6.31 inches, which makes it slightly bigger than the Galaxy Z Fold 5's screen, which measures 6.2 inches. Under the hood, the OnePlus Open will sport a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 featuring 3.36GHz clock speed coupled with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of onboard storage. With Hasselblad integration, the device will have two 48MP wide and ultra-wide cameras and a 64MP telephoto sensor.

Lastly, according to Quandt, the OnePlus Open is set to launch on October 19. The device's pricing is likely to be on a higher side, costing $1,700 for the U.S. market.

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