Last chance! This Galaxy Z Fold 5 case adds MagSafe and is on sale for Cyber Monday

Thinborne case for Galaxy Z Fold 5
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I know I'm in the minority here, but when it comes to protecting my devices, I prefer using a skin over a case. That has been the case (no pun intended) for years, but that recently changed after trying out the new Slim Minimalist cases from Thinborne. And, thanks to Cyber Monday, my new favorite Galaxy Z Fold 5 case is almost 15% off

It's not like this is my first foray into the world of aramid fiber cases, as I've tried a bunch of different ones over the years. But there are two reasons why I'm sticking with Thinborne instead of just going back to dbrand. For one, the company also offers a MagSafe-compatible version. This means that I don't need to buy a skin, and a MagSafe adapter, which ends up adding more bulk to an already bulky phone. 

Thinborne Slim Minimalist Galaxy Z Fold 5 case: $79.98$69.98 at Amazon

Thinborne Slim Minimalist Galaxy Z Fold 5 case: $79.98 $69.98 at Amazon

Want to keep your Z Fold 5 protected without adding even more weight and bulk? Thinborne's Slim Minimalist case is practically perfect, and there's even a version that's compatible with MagSafe!

Because I dual-carry both an Android phone and an iPhone, I have a plethora of MagSafe accessories and I grew tired of only being able to use them on my iPhone. But with the Thinborne case, I don't even have to worry about trying to line up the MagSafe adapter in the right place just to use a MagSafe charger. 

Now, I do understand that not everybody wants a super-thin case to protect their $1,800 investment. So I've also been sporadically using the CaseBorne V for the Galaxy Z Fold 5, just to see what life's like on the other side. This has become the case that I throw on my Fold 5 whenever I find myself in situations where additional protection is more beneficial than not.

CaseBorne V for Galaxy Z Fold 5:$79.98$59.98 at Amazon

CaseBorne V for Galaxy Z Fold 5: $79.98 $59.98 at Amazon

Not everyone wants to worry about their $1,800 phone breaking because of a drop. The CaseBorne V is a tank of a case that offers the most protection for your Galaxy Z Fold 5, and you can even store your S Pen in the hinge cover!

If you're looking for a case that offers the most protection, then I don't think can beat the CaseBorne V, other than maybe just keeping your phone in the box. I mean this thing seriously has it all, as there's a built-in kickstand, hinge protection that doubles as an S Pen holder, and CaseBorne even includes a tempered glass screen protector for the cover screen. 

The only feature it's missing is MagSafe, but that shouldn't come as much of a surprise given the size of this thing. And before you think that it's too expensive, just think about the potential frustrations you might have to deal with if your Fold 5 ends up getting broken. For me, even the full retail price of $80 seems like a steal, but you can save almost 40% and get one for under $50 on Cyber Monday.

Until these Thinborne and CaseBorne cases came across my desk, I went through the same process I do every year. Order a phone, buy a dbrand skin for it, then use that until I got bored, and then order another one. Rinse and repeat. But ever since getting the Thinborne Slim Minimalist case, I actually haven't ordered a dbrand skin, other than getting the new X-Ray one for my laptop.

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