You have until Monday to buy a discounted Dbrand phone skin on Black Friday weekend

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Looking to give your phone a new look this Black Friday but don't want like cases? You're not alone, and that's where the Dbrand Black Friday skin sale comes in handy! Make your choices quickly, though, as this sale is only good until Cyber Monday (November 27, 2023).

Dbrand makes a wide range of amazing skins for just about every major phone and electronics device, and its X-Ray skins are buy one get one free right now. Those are actually different from the Teardown skins that the company alleges CASETiFY stole, and they come in both light and dark variants.

The best part of the BOGO sale is that you don't have to choose between light or dark mode. Get both for the price of one and make your phone look unique!

Dbrand skin sale: 40% off, buy one get one free, and more at Dbrand!

Dbrand skin sale: 40% off, buy one get one free, and more at Dbrand!

Tons of different Dbrand styles and designs are on sale for Black Friday, including 30% off leather skins, buy one get one free X-Ray skins, and 40% off PS5 Darkplates!

Dbrand's real leather skins are also on sale for 30% off right now, as well, giving you both great looks and great grip that's made from all-natural cow hide. These come in three different colors to suit your style and smell as good as they look. Seriously, there's nothing like leather, and these are the genuine deal.

Plus, if you've got a PS5 lying around that's in need of some fresh paint, Dbrand PS5 Darkplates are on sale for 40% off. These plastic plates replace your existing white PS5 plastic outer shells with something a lot more interesting looking and even include better ventilation so your powerful next-generation PlayStation won't overheat.

We've also got to hand it to Dbrand for bringing the 90s back with some stellar transparent Darkplates for the PS5, making it look like Sony time-traveled with its latest console.

Dbrand's transparent PS5 Darkplate collection

(Image credit: Dbrand)
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