How many software updates will the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 receive?

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How many updates will the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 receive?

Just like the Galaxy S24 models, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will pick up seven years of guaranteed Android and security updates. The phone comes with Android 14 out of the box, and it is eligible to receive the Android 21 update when that becomes available in 2031. Of course, this is considering Google still releases yearly Android updates by next decade. Even then, with the device running One UI 6.1 out of the box, it will get seven years' worth of One UI and security updates in addition to the underlying Android version update.

Samsung matches Google's long-term software guarantee

Google set a new standard for software updates by announcing that its devices will get seven guaranteed Android OS and security updates. This includes the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, and even the mid-range Pixel 8a has been added to that list, making it the only mid-range device to get software updates for that long.

Samsung, to its credit, matched Google's guarantee with the Galaxy S24 series, so the standard Galaxy S24 as well as the S24+ and S24 Ultra will get seven Android OS updates alongside security patches. However, the mid-range Galaxy A devices aren't included, and Samsung still continues to offer four guaranteed updates to the likes of the Galaxy A55 and A35.

Considering the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is part of Samsung's flagship portfolio, the foldable will get a similar update guarantee as the Galaxy S series, so it will also pick up seven years of Android OS updates and security patches. That is a significant upgrade over its predecessor, and makes the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 the best foldables when it comes to long-term software update guarantee.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

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Having said that, there's the small matter of durability; it remains to be seen if the Z Fold 6 is actually usable up to seven years. Samsung guarantees 400,000 unlocks with the hinge, but the inherent design of the foldable means the chassis is prone to higher wear and tear — more so than a regular phone — and at this point, we just don't know how these devices will measure up in long-term use.

The only anecdote I can share in this regard is that my dad's two-year-old Galaxy Z Fold 3 needed to have its outer panel switched out and the back cover changed. Samsung did a great job with the service, and even though the device was outside the one-year warranty, it didn't charge anything to fix the device. 

The biggest issue is the plaster layer that protects the fragile panels; that tends to wear out after a year or so of regular use, and it isn't something you can change easily — unlike screen protectors on regular phones. That said, it remains to be seen how the Galaxy Z Fold 6 measures up in this regard; Samsung made changes to the chassis to allow it to last a longer duration, and that should make all the difference in extended use.

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