Google's Pixel event 2022: The biggest announcements, from the Pixel 7 to Pixel Tablet

Google Pixel Watch with Pixel 7 and Pixel Buds Pro official lifestyle
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The Made By Google event has just wrapped up, and there are some lovely treats in store for us to go over. As we've all come to expect from leaks and Google's teasers, the new Pixel 7 series and the Pixel Watch were the stars. However, we also gained some noteworthy looks at Google's upcoming Pixel tablet, Google Assistant features, and how everything comes together seamlessly.

Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro

Google Pixel 7 Pro spec collage

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The Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro have finally launched, and we're seeing everything about these two new phones in clear view. A good starting point is that both the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro take the initiative in going a bit below what you'd typically expect in terms of price from the best smartphones. The Pixel 7 begins at $599, while the 7 Pro starts at $899, the same prices offered on last year's Pixel flagships.

The Pixel 7 features a 6.3-inch Full HD+ OLED screen, which Google claims is 25% brighter than the Pixel 6. The 7 Pro takes things up another notch as it features a 6.7-inch QHD+ LTPO OLED display with up to 120Hz refresh rate.

Google's latest Tensor G2 powers the new phones. Both phones are said to last over 24 hours and can receive up to a 50% charge in thirty minutes with a Google 30W charger.

There was also quite a bit of work done on the cameras on the backs of these new Pixel phones. Both Pixel 7 phones have a 50MP primary sensor and a 12MP ultrawide camera with a 114-degree field of view. The Pixel 7 Pro has something extra; a third 48MP Quad Bayer PD telephoto camera capable of zooming up to 30x. The front of the devices features an 11MP selfie snapper for both phones with an f/2.2 aperture.

Real Tone has made its way onto the Pixel 7 series as Google seeks to continue to correctly and accurately represent all skin tones.

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch Lemongrass Active Skate Park

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The Google Pixel Watch was another highly anticipated reveal for the fall event. With it finally here with us and available for preorder, we're understanding just how much of a pairing between Fitbit and Google this Pixel Watch is.

The Pixel Watch begins at $349.99 for its Bluetooth/Wi-Fi variant, with the 4G LTE version with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi starting at $399.99.

This is Google's first hardware entry into the smartwatch market, powered by Wear OS 3.5. This new Wear OS experience should feel more fluid and easier to navigate as Google offers a refined user interface with richer notifications.

The Pixel Watch also features a 294mAh battery on the inside that can last 24 hours on a single, but it can gain a 50% charge in just thirty minutes.

Google's Pixel Watch also comes with deep Fitbit integration. Not only does the watch feature Fitbit's sleep tracking capabilities, workouts, and Active Zone Minutes to excel past your goals. The Pixel Watch also boasts Fitbit's most accurate heart rate tracking. All of this brings health and fitness to the Pixel Watch is done without straining the battery life.

Additionally, users will gain contactless pay through the watch, directions via Google Maps, and other useful notifications. The Pixel Watch keeps you connected to everything around your home, letting you receive notifications that someone is at your door, and you can even control your smart home devices with the Google Home app.

Google Pixel Tablet

Google Pixel Tablet home screen at the Google Event Fall 2022

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The Made By Google '22 event showed us quite a few glimpses of the new Pixel Tablet and how it could become a significant part of a Nest smart home.

The Pixel tablet is powered by the Android OS with the inclusion of Material You. Users will have the ability to completely customize their tablet, so it is just like them. Google also stated during its live presentation that it had taken time to communicate with developers to ensure apps for the Pixel tablet fit its larger screen and are capable of supporting split screen usage and a stylus.

Google's coming tablet will also utilize the Tensor G2 SoC featured in the Pixel 7 series. The company is also confident that those fan-favorite features on the Pixel phones will work seamlessly on the larger screen the Pixel tablet offers.

The Pixel Tablet is also looking to elevate how helpful it is for users in their homes, as Google is pairing the device with a charging speaker dock. Users can utilize Google Assistant for hands-free information, with the Pixel Tablet doubling as a hub for your smart home devices.

AI and accessibility

Google's update coming for voice Assistant typing.

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Google also introduced a new feature coming to voice Assistant typing. While using Assistant's voice-to-text feature, Google will automatically suggest a relevant emoji for you to use. It happens as easily as saying "Happy Emoji," which will bring up a smiling emoji face.

Assistant typing should recognize the emoji you've voiced, even if you're not 100% accurate, and enter it into your text message. The Pixel 7 will also contain a few new AI features which affect call quality, messaging, and more.

Google has also brought in an accessibility feature for those with low vision or who are blind with Guided Frame. When Guided Frame is active, users will hear a voice guiding them to take a selfie, providing instructions on where and how high or low to move their arm. Once they're in the frame and ready, it will play a chime, and your Pixel 7 will count down before snapping the photo.

Harmonious with Google

A Pixel 7 displaying a security notification of a package left at the front door.

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To close out the presentation, Google spoke about its latest line of Pixel products designed to help you when you're home and when you're not. Google is interested in providing its users with ease and simplicity with its products to make them feel like an extension and not a hindrance. This begins with Fast Pair, which lets your devices quickly sync with one another.

Google also highlights how its devices can sign into a wireless network without the user needing to re-enter the password for that network on each product. For example, signing into your network on your phone will also sign your Pixel Watch in. The "Find My Phone" will also be available from the Pixel Watch or even your Nest hub.

Lastly, staying connected to your home when you're gone is important. For example, with your Pixel Watch, you could broadcast a message to your home and let your family know you're on your way back. You can also view security-related notifications, and with Google Home and features like At a Glance on the Pixel 7, you can glance at your Nest cameras when someone arrives at your door.

Google stresses that its portfolio of products can each act as a smart home hub control to keep you up to date and ensure the tools of your home always remain at your fingertips or on your wrist.

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