Google Home is now available for Wear OS 3 smartwatches

Downloading Google Home app on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
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What you need to know

  • The Google Home app is now available for compatible smartwatches. 
  • Currently, only wearables running Wear OS 3 or higher can download the updated version. 
  • Google notes that this is still only a "Public Preview," so you might experience some bugs.

When Google first announced that the Pixel Watch would be arriving, the company showed some new apps that would also be available. One such example was the ability to control your smart home devices and accessories using an all-new Google Home app.

Until now, the only way to control the best Google Home-compatible devices from your wrist was to rely on Google Assistant. But during the Made By Google launch event, an updated version of the Google Home app hit the Play Store. This wasn't all that surprising, given that Pixel Watch owners will need to be able to install and/or update the app.

Google Pixel Watch colors at the hands-on

(Image credit: Chris Wedel / Android Central)

What is a bit surprising is that you can now download the wearable version of the Google Home app on some of the best smartwatches overall. Unfortunately, there are a few limitations to be aware of, with the first being that the app is only available on smartwatches running Wear OS 3 or later.

We've already downloaded and installed it on our Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, and as soon as you open the app, you'll see a welcome message. This lets you know that the app is available as a "Public Preview" and that "some features aren't supported yet."

Going through the app, you can pull up the controls for things like your favorite smart lights and smart thermostat. Then, just tap the controls to turn the lights on or off, or change the temperature in your home. It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, but if you try to view any smart security cameras on your smartwatch, you'll be prompted to open the Google Home app on your phone and won't be able to see a preview. 

As it currently stands, we're still waiting for wider adoption of Wear OS 3. Those who own the Galaxy Watch 5, Watch 5 Pro, Watch 4, Watch 4 Classic, and Montblanc Summit 3 are able to install the Home app. And of course, when the Pixel Watch starts arriving, it will be available there too. 


Google Home

When it comes to controlling your smart home, it doesn't get much easier than using Google's platform. At the center of it all is the Google Home app, which is now available for Wear OS 3 smartwatches.

Download from: Google Play Store

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