New Pixel 7 AI features will help you make clearer calls, transcribe audio messages

Google Pixel 7 Pro in hand
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What you need to know

  • Google launched its latest Pixel devices, including the Pixel 7 series and Pixel Watch.
  • The company showcased new features from Google Assistant that help keep devices connected.
  • The Pixel 7 series has powerful new AI features to enhance communication.

The Pixel 7 series is finally here, and while the hardware may not be much different from the Pixel 6 series, there's plenty going on under the hood to help these devices stand out from the crowd. Thanks to the Tensor G2 chip, the Pixel 7 series has plenty of new AI capabilities that can help users better communicate.

Clear Calling is one such feature, using AI to intelligently reduce background noise so that you can hear the call much more clearly on the Pixel 7. This is especially helpful for users that find themselves stuck in noisy areas. This will be available in the coming months.

Google is also upgrading Direct My Call, which gives users an on-screen representation of call options when presented with automated phone menus. Now, it works even faster, presenting the options before they're even spoken; that way, you can be directed much more quicker.

The Direct My Call feature on the Pixel 7 Pro

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If you'd rather not take a call, Google is upgrading quick phrases so that you can simply bark "Silence!" at your Pixel 7 to stop ringing without needing to say "Hey, Google."

And for users that don't have time to reach for their phones, the Google Phone app on the Pixel Watch allows users to receive calls, view caller ID, and even look out for spam calls. Google says the Pixel Watch will be able to take advantage of seamless audio switching so you can take the call where it's most convenient for you.

Receiving a call on the Pixel Watch

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These new AI features also extend to messaging. Thanks to Google Assistant, typing with your voice gets even better. Not only is Assistant voice typing available in more languages like Spanish, Italian, and French, but it now suggests ways to bring fun emoji into the mix. It also lets you use your voice to insert an emoji into the text, even if you don't know the exact name of the face you want to make.

Assistant Voice Typing suggesting emoji

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You'll also be able to transcribe audio messages received in Google Messages, in case you're not able to actually listen to it at the moment. This will present you with text you can open and view above the audio message.

Other apps like Recorder and At a Glance also get some handy AI upgrades. Now, the Recorder app will soon be able to discern between multiple people and label each speaker accordingly as it records. And At a Glance will now warn users when it's going to rain, show a video feed from the Nest Doorbell, and show baggage claim details for travelers.

At a Glance widget showing a package from a Nest video camera

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