Google launches a new wired Nest Doorbell with continuous video history

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What you need to know

  • Google launched a 2nd-gen wireless Nest Doorbell in 2021 while announcing plans to release an updated wired version.
  • The company has finally unveiled the new wired Nest Doorbell with a new design, similar to the latest wireless version.
  • The new wired Nest Doorbell (2nd Gen) supports continuous video history with a Nest Aware subscription.

A year after launching the wireless Nest Doorbell (2nd Gen), Google has finally unveiled its next-generation wired Nest Doorbell, bringing a new design and offering some additional perks.

At first glance, you'll notice that the new wired doorbell is nearly identical to its wireless counterpart, bringing a mostly flat design with the Google logo in the middle, a circular button on the bottom, and a slightly protruding camera at the top. The difference here is that this model is shorter and appears a bit thicker.

Of course, you'll be able to view your feed in real-time on many of the best smart displays, including Alexa devices and Chromecast with Google TV. And thanks to the upgraded Google Home app, controlling your doorbell or viewing your camera footage is now easier than ever. You can even put your camera view front-and-center when you open the app so that you're no longer digging through menus to view your feed.

The brand new Google Home app for Fall 2022

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Of course, that could be due to the internal differences, as this new model doesn't require a battery. Instead, users will be able to wire it directly into their homes. This comes with the obvious perk of never having to charge it, with the battery-powered version needing to charge after anywhere between a month and seven months of use.

You could keep it plugged in, but even if you do, that version still misses out on an important perk Google is including with this new wired version: 24/7 continuous video history. That means you can record up to 10 days of footage to stay abreast of anything happening around your home, especially when you're away. This, however, requires Google's Nest Aware subscription, which also gives you access to 30 days of event video history (or you can splurge on Nest Aware Plus for 60 days) and Activity Zones.

Even if you don't subscribe, you still get plenty of nice features, like three hours of event video history with up to five-minute clips. It also features on-device processing that allows it to recognize various things in view, such as cars, animals, people, and packages.

Google also highlights the doorbell's camera, which is a 1.3MP shooter with support for HD video. Google says it eliminated the fish-eye effect while improving HDR. The company also touts that DXOMark rated the wired Nest Doorbell (2nd Gen) ranked top among eight different video doorbells.

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The new wired Nest Doorbell (2nd Gen) is available in four colorways: Snow, Linen, Ash, and Ivy. It retails for $179.99, and is available for purchase now. Those upgrading from the first generation wired Nest Doorbell will be happy to know that Google is making things easy by keeping the drill holes the same.

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