Google's new Nest Doorbell and cameras don't need a subscription to access their best features

Nest Doorbell Battery Colors Lifestyle
Nest Doorbell Battery Colors Lifestyle (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google is launching several new Nest products with access to features that normally require a subscription.
  • The new Nest Doorbell offers a sleek, new design and is the company's first battery-powered doorbell.
  • Google is also launching its first battery-powered indoor/outdoor camera and connected floodlight camera.

Amid this week's exciting Google Pixel 6 news, the company is also taking a moment to focus on its smart home offerings by announcing several new products. The new devices bring some of Google's first battery-powered cameras as well as a sleek, new battery-powered video doorbell that's easy to install. Without the need for wires, Google says its new products are easier to place around the house without being limited to areas near outlets.

Google is also equipping its latest Nest products with features previously reserved for subscribers to Nest Aware, such as custom motion zones and object/event detection, giving users more AI and machine learning capabilities out-of-the-box.

Google Nest Doorbell

Google Nest Doorbell Battery Ash Lifestyle

Source: Google (Image credit: Source: Google)

The new battery-powered Nest Doorbell gives some of the best smart doorbells a run for their money with the added convenience of wire-free installation thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery. It features a monochromatic design with a high-definition HDR camera that provides a tall 3:4 field of view to make it easier to see any packages that arrive at your door.

Speaking of packages, the new Nest Doorbell also comes with smart alerts for people, animals, vehicles, and packages, and users can create activity zones to better keep track of areas of interest. And for these specific event types, the Nest Doorbell will record up to three hours of video history, although it's incapable of continuous 24/7 recording.

The HD camera features night vision, 6x zoom, and Familiar Face Detection thanks to the optional Nest Aware subscription. The doorbell will also greet visitors with a subtle ring around the button that lights up whenever someone approaches.

As for battery life, Google says it will depend on factors "including activity, temperature, and camera settings that you select." The battery can last anywhere from one month to about six months, depending on the camera resolution and the use of activity zones. Users can also opt to have the device continuously charging, and it's compatible with existing doorbell wires and chimes.

The new battery-powered Nest Doorbell will be offered in four colors: Snow, Ivy, Linen, and Ash, although availability will depend on region.

Google Nest Cam (battery and wired)

Google Nest Cam Battery Interior Install

Source: Google (Image credit: Source: Google)

Google is introducing two new Nest Cams, a new battery-powered camera, and a second-gen wired camera. Like the Nest Doorbell, the wireless Nest Cam provides the added convenience of being placed anywhere without the need for an outlet or power source.

It features a FullHD resolution with HDR and night mode, and the camera is held in place thanks to a powerful magnet mount. Google says the new Nest Cam can withstand heavy weather thanks to the magnet and the camera's durable build, so you can rest easy whether the camera is placed indoors or outdoors.

Depending on its use, the camera can last between 1.5 and seven months on a single charge, and users can opt for weatherproof cables for a continuous charge; that way, they can take advantage of 24/7 recording with Nest Aware. There's also a separate stand available for users that want to mount the camera onto a table inside.

Google Nest Cam Wired Fog Lifestyle

Source: Google (Image credit: Source: Google)

You can also opt for the second-gen wired Nest Cam for indoor use, which is launching with a similar yet smaller design and without some of the convenience. However, according to Google, it's the company's most affordable Nest Cam at just $100, which brings it closer to some of the best affordable Nest cam alternatives.

Google Nest Cam with Floodlight

Google Nest Cam With Floodlight Lifestyle

Source: Google (Image credit: Source: Google)

Google is launching its first Nest floodlight camera, offering many of the same features found in its other products. That includes on-device processing, smart alerts, and even local storage that will kick in whenever power or Wi-Fi goes out, recording up to a week's worth of events. Once power and/or connection resume, the new Nest cameras will upload that footage to your Google account.

The new lineup of Nest devices comes with an LED status light to indicate whenever footage is being uploaded to the cloud or being viewed on smart displays like the Nest Hub (2nd Gen) or the Google Home app. Google also assures that face detection features are private and customizable so users can determine who the cameras recognize. And with on-device processing and two-step verification via a Google account, the data stays secure.

By equipping its new Nest products with features like rechargeable batteries, local storage, on-device processing, and custom motion zones, Google gives Nest users more reliability and flexibility with "the most comprehensive set of intelligent alerts right out of the box."

The new battery-powered Nest Doorbell and Nest Cam are now up for preorder, retailing for $180 each and going on sale on August 24. There's no release date set for the second-gen wired Nest Cam and the $280 Nest Cam with Floodlight, but Google says they're "coming soon."

Google Nest Doorbell Battery Colors

Google Nest Doorbell

Thanks to its wire-free design, Google's new battery-powered Nest Doorbell can work with any door. It comes with an HDR camera with a 3:4 ratio for a vertical field of view, a built-in speaker and microphone, and smart alerts.

Google Nest Cam Battery

Google Nest Cam (battery)

Google's battery-powered Nest Cam uses a Full HD sensor with HDR and night mode to give you a clear view in all lighting conditions. Thanks to built-in intelligence, the Nest Cam can also send you smart alerts for people, animals, and vehicles.

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