Best affordable Nest Cam alternatives 2022

Ring Stick Up Cam
Ring Stick Up Cam (Image credit: Ring)

Nest makes great Wi-Fi-connected security cameras, but their high prices push many customers to seek the best cheap Nest Cam alternatives. Until the new 2021 Nest Cams arrive, you're stuck with the current Nest Cam Indoor (IQ) and Nest Cam Outdoor, all of which are several years old and pretty expensive compared to more recent rival cameras. Whether you're after the absolute cheapest camera you can buy or something with just as many features as Nest for a little less, we've got you covered. Here are some of our favorite Nest alternatives.

The best cheap Nest Cam alternatives

Logitech Circle 2

Source: Logitech (Image credit: Source: Logitech)

When they first launched, Nest cameras led the industry, and their specs still hold up despite the passage of time. But since then, the market for connected security cameras has become saturated with cheaper competing cameras with similar specs and features. Finding the best cheap Nest Cam alternatives has only gotten easier over time; it's choosing the best one that can be a challenge.

First, consider which smart home products you already own. For example, if you already own a Ring Doorbell, the Ring Indoor Cam or Ring Stick Up Cam are natural purchases. They'll all be controllable from the same app, and one Ring Protect subscription will augment all of their performance. And certain companies, like the Amazon-owned Blink, work especially well with specific smart speakers.

Then think about how many you want to buy and where you'll place them. The Ring Stick Up Cam gives you plenty of versatility, but if you know you'll place your camera near an outlet, a Wyze Cam v3 will save you a good deal of money for similar performance. Of course, a single Wyze Cam Pan or Eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt can cover the same ground as two cheap indoor cameras.

Wireless cameras are best for placing cameras higher up with no unsightly charging cable giving them away, but also consider battery life: the Blink Outdoor or Ring Stick Up Solar are solid choices there. Also, think about whether your wireless camera will use a hub for local storage or if you'll have to rely on cloud storage fees, which add up over time.

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