Google confirms a new line of Nest security cameras for 2021

Nest Cam
Nest Cam (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google this week shared plans for an upcoming slate of Nest security cameras in 2021.
  • New Nest camera hardware has yet to arrive since the Nest Cam IQ was announced in 2017.
  • Google is also preparing to launch a Nest Hub with Soli support sometime in the year.

Google is (sometimes unfairly), known for killing off or rebranding product lines that don't perform as well as the company would like. With the winding down of the Nest Secure system the EOL of the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, it was an easy assumption to make that the Nest Cam line was next on the chopping board — especially since Google hadn't launched any new hardware since 2017.

Fortunately, Google says that's not the case, noting it's planning to keep making new Cams in the future, specifically, in 2021.

The firm confirmed this to 9to5Google, the outlet reported:

Google today also revealed that "Nest will keep investing in new innovations." This specifically includes a "new lineup of security cameras for 2021." No other details were provided as the company offers a preview of what to expect.

With this report, we have a better idea of what sort of hardware to expect from Google this year. Alongside the Pixel 6, Google is also expected to launch its first foldable as well as a Nest Hub with Soli equipped.

Michael Allison
  • They need a floodlight cam like Ring and others have. And the pricing needs to be more in line with those other companies. I bought a Nest Hub Max for less than the cost of a Nest Indoor Camera, despite the fact that it can do more, AND has a camera built into it.
  • I agree, I love the Outdoor IQ camera, but $400 is way too much. Hopefully the new stuff will be a bit more reasonable.