Galaxy S24 Ultra S Pen malfunctions with MagSafe and Qi2 magnet accessories

The Galaxy S24 Ultra with a case and MagSafe ring
(Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Recent reports state the Galaxy S24 Ultra's S Pen experiences a malfunction when a user attaches a magnetic accessory to the back of its MagSafe/Qi2 case.
  • The malfunction causes the pen's recognition on the S24 Ultra's display to become sparse. 
  • It's unknown just how many cases this effects as we've conducted internal tests with a Caseborne product with MagSafe and have encountered no issues.

We're only a day past the launch of Samsung's Galaxy S24 series and problems are starting to surface regarding the Ultra model's S Pen.

According to Alex Stankie on X, cases with MagSafe or Qi2 magnets may "break" functionality for the S24 Ultra's S Pen. M. Brandon Lee of This is Tech Today expanded on this, stating the magnets are causing interference with the S Pen, leading to a "temporary" malfunction.

This is a problem manufacturers are encountering as the S24 Ultra is not yet in the hands of the general public. While case creators look for a way to rectify the problem, Lee suggests those who've ordered a MagSafe/Qi2 case for the Ultra may experience a delay.

In a follow-up post, Lee provided video confirmation of the S Pen's malfunction. However, it's worth noting that S Pen ceases to work properly when a MagSafe/Qi2 accessory, such as a wallet or a mount, is attached. In the video, the S Pen doesn't stop working entirely, but its functionality becomes increasingly spotty as the display's recognition of the pen's contact becomes inconsistent.

While this problem is troubling, it may not affect every MagSafe/Qi2-supported Android case. Internally, Android Central's Nick Sutrich tested a Caseborne case with MagSafe alongside a Spigen ring and encountered no problems with the S Pen's functionality. In the meantime, if you've obtained one, avoiding attaching any accessory to the back of your Qi2/MagSafe case might be safer.

Moreover, Samsung has never mentioned encountering functionality problems such as this with a MagSafe case. Android Central has contacted the Korean OEM about the problem and if a fix is in the works for consumers.

The Galaxy S24 series launched on January 17, and the trio of devices are notably missing Qi2. In November 2023, the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) announced that Qi2, the next generation of wireless charging, was beginning to complete device certification testing. The announcement meant new magnetic products were in line for Apple's iPhone 15 series this past holiday season.

Some key highlights showed Qi2 would offer "smoother, faster, and energy-efficient charging experiences." This would also unify the industry under one wireless charging standard spanning multiple compatible products, including wearables.

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  • BerryBubbles
    Glad to know about this.

    Thanks for the heads-up Nickolas!
  • fuzzylumpkin
    Is anyone actually surprised that the S24U has the same magsafe accessory issue that the S21U, S22U and S23U had? I'd even posit that this is the exact reason the S24 series doesn't support Qi2 natively.
  • dbpaddler
    My s23u works just fine with a magsafe type wallet. And 99% of the time I have zero need to have an accessory on when I use the pen. Junk on the trunk just makes it more awkward to hold as I use the pen anyway. Definitely not using it while in the car.

    And if it's just the way the pen tech works, remove the stupid accessory. Small price to pay to have the convenience. Honestly the pen is the only reason I still use a Samsung phone.
  • J0HN
    This isn't unique to the S24 Ultra. My S22 Ultra and S23 Ultra both has S Pen problems with magnetic cases.
  • Mkeditor
    Pen works fine with my Mous 5.0 case.