Forget Prime Day, Best Buy just launched a MAJOR sale on Google Pixel phones and watches

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Folks are already wondering when the next Prime Day is going to be announced, but why wait for that sale when you can already score some awesome Google Pixel deals at Best Buy? The retailer is dropping huge discounts on both Pixel phones and smartwatches today, with discounts of up to $250 available for a limited time. 

You can get some additional savings if you activate the device or process a trade-in through Best Buy, but the main focus is good old-fashioned discounts for those who prefer to buy their tech unlocked. Keep reading for a few of my favorite offers included in the sale, and again, don't wait if a particular device catches your eye: these are likely to be the best Pixel deals we see until Prime Day, and they won't last forever. 

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1. Google Pixel 8a 128GB: $499, plus free $50 gift card and $100 off with activation at Best Buy

1. Google Pixel 8a 128GB: $499, plus free $50 gift card and $100 off with activation at Best Buy

The midrange Pixel 8a has only been out for a few weeks, but you can order the phone unlocked from Best Buy today and get a free $50 gift card, no strings attached. Activate the device through your carrier on the retailer's site and you'll also get an additional $100 off your purchase. 

2. Google Pixel 8 Pro 128GB:$999$749 at Best Buy

2. Google Pixel 8 Pro 128GB: $999 $749 at Best Buy

One of the best Android phones released last year, the Google Pixel 8 Pro comes packed with an outstanding chipset, loads of software support, and some of the best camera tech in the biz. Grab the phone unlocked during Best Buy's sale and you'll get a straight $250 dropped off your purchase. Activate the phone today and you'll get an extra $100 off. 

3. Google Pixel 8 128GB:$699$449 at Best Buy

3. Google Pixel 8 128GB: $699 $449 at Best Buy

If you don't need all of the power found in the more-expensive Pixel 8 Pro, go for the base model Google Pixel 8 and you'll still score a major $150 discount when you buy unlocked. There's also an additional $100 off when you activate today, plus up to $325 of trade-in credit if you send Best Buy an old or broken phone.  

4. Google Pixel Watch 2:$349.99$289.99 at Best Buy

4. Google Pixel Watch 2: $349.99 $289.99 at Best Buy

The Pixel Watch 2 is more than just a pretty face, coming complete with snappy Wear OS performance, solid battery life, and seamless integration with Fitbit Premium. For a limited time, Best Buy is slashing a straight $60 off the Wi-Fi watch, plus there's $120 of trade-in credit up for grabs.  

5. Google Pixel Tablet 128GB (w/ Charging Speaker Dock):$499$419 at Best Buy

5. Google Pixel Tablet 128GB (w/ Charging Speaker Dock): $499 $419 at Best Buy

You're no longer required to buy the Charging Speaker Dock when you pick up the Google Pixel Tablet, but if you decide you want to purchase both items together at Best Buy, you'll get a straight $80 off. To sweeten the deal, the retailer is also throwing in three free months of YouTube Premium.

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