Mint Mobile just made some huge changes — and it's all good news

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It's been about a month since T-Mobile announced their plans to purchase the popular prepaid carrier Mint Mobile, and we just heard about the first big changes following this acquisition. Starting Friday, April 14th, all of Mint's wireless plans will see a significant monthly data increase at no additional cost to customers. No kidding!

To be honest, we were a little nervous when we learned that a Big Three carrier would be purchasing one of our favorite MVNO carriers, but if this free data increase is any indication of the things to come, then we're all here for it.

Starting on April 14th, new and existing Mint customers will get to enjoy the following data boosts: 

  • The 4GB per month plan will increase to 5GB
  • The 10GB per month plan will increase to 15GB
  • The  15GB per month plan will increase to 20GB
  • The Unlimited plan's 35GB cap will increase to 40GB

In addition to those changes above, the mobile hotspot included in select plans have increased from 5GB to 10GB per month. Customers don't have to pay any additional fees or take any action whatsoever to enjoy these changes; they'll simply go into effect at the start of the next pay cycle. 

If you aren't familiar with Mint Mobile, they're essentially a wireless carrier that hooks you up with T-Mobile service at a much lower cost by selling their plans in 3, 6, and 12-month increments of time. The more time you buy, the more you save. These data plans start at $15 per month and come with unlimited talk and text, 5G / 4G LTE data, free calls to Mexico and Canada, and more. 

Mint Mobile: Starting at $15/month

Mint Mobile: Starting at $15/month

New and existing Mint Mobile customers will now see free data increases on all of the carrier's wireless plans. The 4GB plan has jumped up to 5GB, 10GB has jumped up to 15GB, 15GB to 20GB, and so on. 

Ryan Reynolds may no longer be at the helm, but if these recent changes are any indication, then the future of Mint is pretty bright indeed.  

Patrick Farmer
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