Last week on January 16, a report came out claiming that Motorola is working on a new smartphone that'll feature its iconic RAZR branding. It's expected to cost around $1,500 and be an exclusive to Verizon Wireless here in the U.S.

The report mentioned that the phone will be "foldable", but it wasn't really clear as to what exactly that meant. However, thanks to a new patent that was recently discovered by 91Mobiles, we may have our first look at the new RAZR.

The patent was initially filed on December 17, 2018, and as you can see, it showcases a phone with a large display actually folds up into itself so that it can be closed into a smaller package. Once the phone is folded, the outside has a small secondary screen that can likely be used for checking the time, seeing notifications, etc.

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While Motorola isn't the first company to work on a folding phone, the device shown here is unique in the sense that it revives the iconic design of the RAZR V3. It has the large chin at the bottom of the main screen, what'll likely be a Motorola "M" logo below the secondary display, and the same general shape of the V3.

Now that we have a better idea of what this new RAZR device will probably look like, are you any more/less excited?

A new Motorola Razr will be released this year as a $1,500 foldable phone