What you need to know

  • Google's original Bluetooth headphones have been removed from the Google Store.
  • The USB-C Pixel Buds are still available in the online store.
  • The replacement Pixel Buds will be truly wireless, but not available until Spring 2020.

If, for some reason, you had been waiting to buy a set of Google's wireless earbuds — your luck just ran out. Looking at the online store for Google's hardware, the original Bluetooth Pixel Buds are nowhere to be found.

This is a bit of a surprise considering the new Pixel Buds won't be available until Spring 2020. These will be a truly wireless variety, whereas the original set had the wire connecting each bud. On the store, the only Google-branded headphones available are the USB-C wired Pixel earbuds.

We know that the new Pixel Buds will have about 5 hours listening and an extra 24 hours from the wireless charging case. Google is also building its real-time language translation into the earbuds. When they go on sale, you'll be able to pick up the new Pixel Buds for $179, and you can get on a waitlist now through the Google Store.

Our pick

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Great Pixel Bud alternatives

If you can't wait until the new Pixel Buds arrive, the Samsung Galaxy Buds are a great option right now. With a USB-C wireless charging case, ambient noise controls, and a sleek look, they can handle your audio desires immediately.

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