OnePlus could launch its AirPods competitor this July

Oneplus 8 Pro Review
Oneplus 8 Pro Review (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • OnePlus is rumored to be launching its first true wireless earbuds in July.
  • The company launched the Bullets Wireless Z, a set of wired earbuds with its OnePlus 8 Pro last month.
  • OnePlus is expected to launch the OnePlus Z, an upcoming mid-ranger powered by the Snapdragon 765, around that time as well.

Everyone's launching true wireless earbuds nowadays. Samsung has theirs, Google has theirs, Huawei has theirs, and then there's Apple stealing all the air (and profit) in the room.

OnePlus might be about to join in the fray, according to leaker Max J (via 9toGoogle).

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A pinch of salt may be required with this leak as Max notes that his source is a new one, albeit reliable.

That said, it does make sense for OnePlus to launch a truly wireless pair of earbuds because — well — everyone's doing it. The company is no stranger to wireless headphones, its Bullets Wireless Z debuted just last month after all. OnePlus is also said to be launching an iPhone SE and Pixel 4a competitor around July with the OnePlus Z.

What better time to drum up some hype for a pair of earbuds than then?

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Michael Allison
  • It's always "airpods competitor" even though these will not be competitive in terms of sales and airpods are actually terrible. Marketing really is all that matters.
  • As much as I always slated Airpods the minute I borrowed the set of gen 2's I got my teenage son for Christmas I never gave them back. He's not fussed for them but I absolutely love them. They're maybe not the greatest sound out there but they're comfortable, loud, strong Bluetooth connection and they're super easy to take in and out with the stem if you need to talk to anyone. I got the Galaxy Buds Plus since but they just don't win me over
  • That's Apple for you as the below comment stated those are the reasons (microphone also) why they re so popular even with Android users. Apple made wireless ear buds that more popular thanks to how easy they made them connect compared to bef.
  • Thats why I use them. Nothing else comes close.
  • OnePods? Then OnePods +2?
  • I'll keep my eyes on this
  • Gee, I’m shocked 😱, another blatant chinese ripoff.
  • The Nokia True Wireless Earbuds have done right be me. Love the design (especially the carrying case) the size and functionality. Easy to charge, connect with all brands of devices, including Apple. They might not be as fancy as the Air Pods or other wireless earbuds, but I got my money's worth purchasing them.