So you're getting a fancy new OnePlus 6. I can't say I'm not jealous — congratulations! There's just one problem: with the shiny (or matte, if you're opting for Midnight Black) new glass backing, the OnePlus 6 will likely be much more fragile than previous OnePlus devices like the aluminum-forged 5T. It's also going to be a fingerprint magnet no matter which finish you opt for, and nothing ruins the sleek aesthetic of a new phone like a coating of finger oils and smudges.

Luckily, there's a pretty simple solution to this problem: just slap a case on your phone! The OnePlus 6 is still so new that there aren't many third-party cases to choose from just yet (at least not from major brands like Spigen or Incipio), but the good news is that with each new phone OnePlus announces, it also reveals a wide range of first-party cases made available directly from its own site.

OnePlus's cases this year are better than ever.

That's true this year more than ever; there's already a variety of great-looking new options including bumpers, silicone cases, wood-stylized cases, flip covers, and "karbon" cases. On top of that, there are other handy accessories for the OnePlus 6 like a tempered glass screen protector and the new Bullets Wireless headphones. Suffice to say, OnePlus is making sure that you can get everything you'll need for your phone straight from the source, and that's a really good thing.

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This isn't to say that no other manufacturer offers its own line of cases, though. Samsung has some fantastic options available for its flagships — I've been using the Alcantara case on my Galaxy S9 for months, and Daniel adores the Hyperknit case. But as so many commenters are quick to point out, those cases aren't exactly cheap for how little protection they actually offer; they're more about fit and form than function.

The big differentiator with OnePlus is that its cases are not only protective and attractive, but they're also cheap. I paid about $50 for my Alcantara case, which is more than most people are willing to spend on a shell that doesn't even protect the bottom of the phone. For less money with OnePlus, I could get a fantastic bundle with case (karbon or sandstone) and a tempered glass screen protector. If I'm only after one or the other, each will only run me about $20. These aren't flimsy cases, either; a number of OnePlus's cases are made by Evutec, which has been making high-quality cases for years.

I love that the OnePlus mantra of offering more for less money isn't limited to just its phones. Every year that I've tested a OnePlus device, I've used one of the official cases (I tend to prefer the sandstone ones), and despite clumsy hands and the occasional drop to concrete or asphalt, my phones still look brand new because of them.

Have you used any OnePlus cases in the past? Will you be ordering one with your OnePlus 6? Let us know in the comments below!

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