OG Motorola Droid sees Android 2.3.4 build courtesy of Peter Alfonso

Still holding onto that beloved Motorola Droid, hoping and praying that updates will continue to roll through for it? Peter Alfonso, a name that most of us OG Droid owners know has released his GPA16 build, which is not an official from Motorola and Verizon, but one that would replicate it.

He has been supporting the device for as long as we can remember, and his purpose of these releases are to continue what users would have hoped to see in the updates, keeping a clean stock appearance, with a few extra tweaks throughout. If you're still rocking out with the Droid, be sure to download and install this build, as you are sure to be happy with it. Full change log to come and be available on Pete's site soon.

Source: Peter Alfonso: Thanks, David!

Jared DiPane
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  • Though i am not a OG Droid owner. But i wanted to give a big shout out to Pete. It is because of people like him we have such a vibrant Android community. Open source at its best!!
  • If you're still on the OG Droid, you have problems. Did you know they've also started selling bread pre-sliced? :-p
  • lame comment.
  • Agreed.
  • OG Droid launched November 2009. A customer on a 2 year contract wont be eligible for another subsidized phone for 3 months. There are tons of OG Droid users out there who haven't upgraded yet. Not everybody is made of money or has multiple lines to stagger upgrades.
  • Not everyone is a cell phone elitist and needs to be on the bleeding edge of technology, you know? The OG Droid was released Oct'09, so plenty of people who bought it on release day are JUST NOW becoming elgible for upgrades from VZW, not to mention that the OG Droid was on shelves @ corporate VZW stores until the Droid 2 was released in Aug'10 (not even a year ago!) so people who bought an OG Droid @ a huge discount shortly before the Droid 2 were released, are still nearly a year away from their upgrade. I, for one, still love the OG Droid & plan on picking up one on the cheap from Ebay/Craiglist when the market gets flooded with them just to have one to play around with & flash ROMs because it is still the only Motorola with an unlocked bootloader.
  • Not to nitpick, but the OG Droid launched on Nov 6th 2009. I know because I got one of the last ones in my area on launch day and promptly left the next morning for a big trip. I was stunned at how well Google Maps worked on that device (I was coming from a Treo 755p). Also, VZW customers on 2yr contracts are eligible for upgrades after 20 months. My wife just was able to sneak in last Tuesday and get in grandfathered data with a new year extension and she had signed her previous contract Nov 5th 2009. I think Moto & VZW are banking on a LOT of day 1 OG Droid owners picking up the D3 or perhaps the Bionic. I know exactly what you mean about people buying OG Droids less than a year ago. I told a friend of mine to wait a week or two but he couldn't resist the buzz and got an OG mere days before the D2 arrived. I've heard him complainin about the keyboard, lack of RAM and lack of internal storage for the better part of the past year!
  • You are absolutely right. I checked Wikipedia & misread Oct'09 as the release date of the phone, but that was when commercials were first aired. Yep, 20 months from Nov'09 is Jul'11 so the early adopters are just now coming up on their upgrade & many will probably hold onto it until the Bionic, Galaxy S II, or something we haven't even heard a rumor about comes out. Not to mention that most average users don't know that they can upgrade @ 20 months & typically wait until their contract is fully up before resigning & getting a new device.
  • Not to demerit Peter's work (especially since I've been using his ROMs for quite some time), but this is not the first time 2.3.4 has been ported to the OG Droid. ChevyNo1's Simply Stunning has been on 2.3.4 for two iterations now... I'm not sure he was the first, but it was the first one I found (and am currently using)
  • Same here. I stopped in a Verizon store this morning for my own hands-on with the Droid 3. With Chevy's ROM on my OG Driod, I found it fairly easy to walk out without buying anything - and my price for the Droid 3 is $170. ROM developers like Chevy throw a big wrench in the works of planned obsolescence.
  • I bounce back and forth from my DX and my OG Droid and only because of Pete's Gingerbread ROM!! The man is a genius and his hard work is greatly appreciated! Some of us still like the phone that started the Android Revolution!
  • I've got the OG, but using CM710 (for now - lol). Pete puts out some quality ROMS and I'll probably be giving his a whirl sometime this weekend. While I'm patiently waiting for my upgrade to arrive, it's dev's like Pete, CM, Liquid and ProjectElite teams that make the wait bearable. My hat off to you all!
  • Just rooted my OG a couple weeks ago and went with CM7 which was extremely slow and buggy so I just tried Peter Alfonso's.. Force closed constantly (just about every other second) and could barely download a different ROM. Now running Liquid Smooth which is perfect. No problems so far and it's so smooth. I was available for an upgrade 4 days ago but I'm waiting for either the Bionic or the Samsung GS2 if they ever announce anything about it. I'm still happy with my OG, especially since it's now running Gingerbread perfectly thanks to Liquid Smooth.