This year at the Oculus Connect 5 Keynote we received a lot of amazing information regarding the future of VR. Some of the updates were Oculus Go-specific, revolving around what is going to be coming to Oculus Go very soon. So if you've got an Oculus Go headset (or are looking into getting one) here are some of the new features you'll be seeing very soon.

Casting abilities

An officially supported casting ability will be coming to your Oculus Go headset. First, it will come to your Android phone, which means friends and family will be able to watch what you are seeing in the headset right from their own phones. At a later date, the casting feature will also include the ability to cast directly to a TV. This will change the way we share our headsets in VR forever. Now, instead of you having a friend play a game and only guessing what they're seeing, you'll be able to see what they're seeing too.

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YouTube VR

YouTube VR was originally a free app you could find on Steam, but Facebook announced that an official YouTube app will be coming to your Oculus Go. This means it will be taking YouTube out of your browser and giving it its own space within your headset. While the reviews are mostly negative for the app on Steam I have hopes that when Oculus puts the app out there it won't disappoint us. Then again, if it does, we could always just continue to use YouTube within our browsers anyway.

The new Oculus Venues line-up

The Oculus Venues line-up is going to be posted soon and it's bringing you more live music and stand-up comedy. On top of this, there's going to be a horror movie marathon in the month of October that I am more than excited about.

Finally, and perhaps some of the most exciting news for Venues, is that it will now be hosting NBA games for you to watch. Now you and fellow sports fans will be able to cheer for your favorite teams together, just like you have already been doing for the soccer games!

NBA jerseys will be unlockable for your avatar

The final announcement for Oculus Go includes an unlockable jersey for your Avatars to wear. This feature will be one-of-a-kind because the only way to get it is by watching all of the NBA games coming to Venues for this season. Even if you're not an NBA fan, now might be a good time to try out watching some basketball in VR so you can say you have the jersey when no one else will!

What is your favorite update?

Of all the announcements coming to the Oculus Go, announced at Connect 5, which one are you most excited for? Let me know in the comment section below, or shoot me a Tweet @OriginalSluggo!