Microsoft teases possible launch date of a successor to the X

Microsoft Mobile has published a small teaser article on the old Nokia Conversations blog, revealing a countdown for June 24th. Not giving much away, the company teases that "summer brings out our inner glow... stay tuned to Conversations to find out what we've got in store". We're not entirely sure what the company will announce, but since it's green (similar to teasers for the Nokia X) and we're not expecting a new Windows Phone just yet, it's possible we'll see an X2.

We previously looked at why the Nokia X is not only bad for Android, but Windows Phone and Nokia (now Microsoft Mobile) too. That said, read through our in-depth review of the Nokia X, if you're interested in the family of Android smartphones. Be sure to check back in three days to see what Nokia plans to announce. Would you be interested in an X2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Nokia Conversations

Rich Edmonds