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Exclusive first look: Pics and video of the new Nexus 7

Here we go, folks. The first probable  pictures of what we believe is the long-awaited successor to the Nexus 7. We've had to do a little Photoshop surgery to protect the source (we'll just call the source, oh, how about "Bert"), but what we're seeing lines up with rumored specs, and what we'd expect to see in the follow-up.

Separately, we've gotten a look at some possible pricing, giving some hope that we might finally soon see the retail release of Google's affordable tablet. And then there's the Google event set for July 24 in San Francisco.

Ready for more? Read on.

First, a quick caveat: Ain't nothing official yet. Google's not announced anything, and we have no idea if what we see here is a finished product, or prototype. (When in doubt, I usually assume the latter.) And we've seen things change greatly from early leaks to retail release before, including with the original Nexus 7. We're also not 100 percent confident in the specs that accompanied this thing. So, grain of salt and all that, until official things are official.

Hell, we don't even know what it'll be called.

But what we're looking at here is labeled as the ME571K_PR1_SKU2, again manufactured by ASUS. It should be one of (at least) two versions of the Nexus 7 successor — we're expecting 16- and 32-gigabyte options, and it's probably safe to assume we'll see Wifi-only versions as well as models with cellular data connections.

The specs slapped onto this little lost tablet include the expected 7-inch LCD display and, new this time around, a pair of cameras. There's a 1.2-megapixel shooter from LITEONMOBILE on the front, and 5-megapixel camera by Chicony on the back. The rear camera appears to be situated in the same corner as the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The listed motherboard points to Qualcomm's APQ8064 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor. That's different than the Snapdragon 600 that the Bluetooth Special Interest Group thought it saw, but stranger discrepancies have happened — and it's entirely possible that there are two versions of this thing out there. Remember that this is SKU2, according to the specs listed on it. The FCC, however, has already seen a Snapdragon S4 tablet come through.

We're also possibly looking at a ridiculously whopping 4 gigabytes of DDR3L RAM. (Though we're not 100 percent sure on that, 2GB wouldn't surprise us at all, and, again, written specs on stuff like this get messed up all the time.) We're also expecting the aforementioned (and not at all surprising) 16- and 32-gigabyte storage options.

Looks like microUSB is still the preferred method of plugging in, and it's centered in the bottom edge of the tablet. (For what it's worth, this is one of those areas in which we saw drastic changes between prototype and finished product in the original Nexus 7.) The power button and volume rocker are situated the same way as they are on the current Nexus 7. 

One other addition — and this is one you can't see too well in these pictures— is the dual speakers, referred to in the specs here as "upper" and "lower" speakers. They're positioned on the rear of the tablet, with one near the USB port.

On the software side, we're told this unit had Android 4.3 on board. Not a real surprise there, especially with Google doing something next week in San Francisco. But it also wouldn't surprise us to see a 4.2.2 launch and an quick update immediately thereafter. Either way, it's got the same old lock screen widgets we're used to. (We've seen a phone dialer as well, but we wouldn't read too much into that just yet.)

Edit: On second thought, that's the lock screen PIN entry we're seeing, not a dialer. Thanks, zachavm.

Edit 2: By popular request, we've added the good look at the spec sheet — which we're still not 100 percent sure is finished product — in the gallery.

Big ups to "Bert" for the info!

  • I like it!
  • Same here. Can't wait to pick one up.
  • It looks really good, dose anyone know if ots 2 gigs or 4 gigs of ram>
  • Finally tablet that I really want. Day 1 purchase for me. Best small tablet on the market. BlackBerry z10 and this nexus 7 hd will be sweet combo for me.
  • wow it looks awesome.
  • Hopefully Asus got the screen lift issue figured out this time around. That was really the only annoying thing about the Nexus 7 for me. In fact I will not be upgrading this time around since the N7 still does everything I throw at it flawlessly. My four year old son has actually taken it over most of the time :) The only design feature I can clearly see that I wish was different here is that I wish they would have gone with the front facing speakers on each side (in landscape) and I wish they didn't waste resources on a rear facing camera but I figured that was inevitable when competing with Apple and the various other tablets out there. I would have just preferred a lower price or for that money to go to a more meaningful item.
  • That about sums it up for me. I'll probably stick with my Gen1, but if the wife takes it over, you never know.
  • Agreed, really disappointed not to see front facing speakers.
    I use my N7 mostly for youtube watching and the back speaker is terrible
  • Ditto. Was really hoping for front speakers. Posted via Android Central App
  • Every phone and tablet should have front speakers. This is a no brainer. Put one at top-left, and one at bottom-right, and you get stereo sound in landscape AND portrait. Rear facing speakers are dumb. Putting stereo speakers at the bottom on the back is the worst, as it does no good in landscape, where you need it most.
  • I'm going to buy this and make sure I don't visit xda. I always find posts of people complaining about the smallest defects, I look for them on my own device and then they bug me forever.
  • better know it soon so you can exchange it before the return window closes lol.
  • Hahaha, comment of the day, and oh so true. Freakin' light bleed on my Nexus 10! That I never noticed until I read about it on xda, and now I'm ocd.
  • Looks like I'm finally getting my graduation present.
  • because you finally graduated? lol, i kid, i kid!
  • Does it comes with 4.3?? Posted via Android Central App
  • Read.
  • yup, google always release a nexus device with new version
  • Read the article dude
  • Sorry. I wad on hurry when I read this article, sorry about that Posted via Android Central App
  • Does it come with KLP? :-) Sent from my HTC One rockin Jelly Bean 4.2.1
  • looks pretty awesome, wondering about that screen resolution. also i can see that the power plug it's positioned as it predecessor, i hate it. anyway looks awesome
  • Get the dock. Problem solved.
  • What problem does that solve? It's not like I charge it in only one place ever.
  • What other place should the charge port be? My Nexus sits in a dock every night (works as my alarm). The battery lasts all day with heavy use.
  • I'm curious, where do you suggest to place the micro USB port?
  • while holding it in landscape, on either the right or left side, positioned near the VERY top of the device. Wont get in the way while holding it and you can still put it in your lap without the cord stabbing you in the gut. Problem solved.
  • +1 Posted via Android Central App
  • Or you can just (I know this is a stretch for you all), youknow, hold it upside down? Windmills do work that way... There's not even front logos to be upside down for you to nitpick at...unless you sit in front of a mirror.
  • Well, if you have it in landscape, and it STILL manages to hit you in the gut, then you must have one of the worlds largest guts.
  • i agree, the cable is in the way while playing games (when im charging my tablet)
  • Grab an app called Rotate - Allows you to specify a reverse portrait rotation when the power is connected.
  • I want it so much. Posted via Android Central App using my (mystical) Nexus 4
  • Me love it!
  • The "Nexus" on the back is oriented in landscape mode on this device whereas it is oriented in portrait mode on the current nexus 7. Would this indicate that Google prefers us to use the device in landscape mode by default?
  • Maybe because it's pre production? Posted via Android Central App
  • Or maybe its horizontal to compliment a dock setup, like the original n7's. Let's just hope that either the original dock is compatible or Google/Asus manage to get one released quicker than last time!
  • true that!
  • Any idea if there are charging pins on the left side like the last version?
  • That's exactly what I want to know. Never ended up picking up the N7, though I debated it endlessly, and I might grab one of these if they still have the pogo pins. I always wanted to use the N7 (with pogo dock) for streaming music library to the stereo in the bedroom, but be able to grab it quickly if my son wanted to play on it. I'm about sick of trying to make the GTab usable ;)
  • You totally should have gotten the N7. I got it and LOVE it. Use it every day. My OG Galaxy Tab 10.1 gets little attention because of it LOL (although I recently put CM 10.1 on the old girl). You DEFINITELY should get this N7 when it comes out since you do not have the OG. Best value in tech.
  • I still because of the multi-capabilites of the Note 8.0 + the pen + micro sd slot that runs EX-FAT 64GB. That's still the best setup thus far. But for the price, one cannot complain about the nexus 7
  • I don't mind the physical buttons/capacitives on my Note II, but I'm really not digging the look on the larger 7/8/10 tablets.. I think it looks silly and makes the bezel a lot larger than it needs to be.
  • Maybe its just the prototype, but it didn't look like the charging pins are on the opposite side of the power and volume buttons like they are now. Maybe removed them because they took so long to get the dock into production.
  • That back camera looks HUGE. Also, that is a weird choice of orientation for the 'Nexus' logo..
  • Agreed, especially since the asus is oriented the other way.
  • I'm not 100 percent convinced it's production hardware. Stranger things have happened. Posted via the one and only Android Central App
  • i think it looks really cool that way
  • am I the only one that hates the ginormous top/bottom bezels?
  • I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing. I was hoping that Asus would be able to reduce the bezel size and either maintain a 7" screen or maybe squeeze in 7.5 or so. The iPad mini's tiny bezel is one of it's most attractive features, and I was thinking Google was set to trounce that with it's next tablet, since unlike iOS, there isn't a need for a giant hard button on the front of the screen. Maybe next year...
  • That's the first thing that popped into my mind. To me, the bottom bezel looks even bigger on this device than the current Nexus 7. :( I don't really care to have tiny bezels but if they could make a device with the same side bezels and a little bit smaller top and bottom ones as the current Nexus 7, I would love that.
  • I think it's also partly an optical illusion because it appears as though the side bezels have thinned out compared to first gen 7. To clarify what I mean it "looks" like:
    - Nexus 7 1st gen: 16:9 screen in 16:10 frame
    - Nexus 7 2nd gen: 16:9 screen in 16:9 frame *shrug* could also be the angle
  • Your Not The Only One Posted via Android Central App
  • Looks like a notification LED at 35 seconds in the video.
    Didn't see it mentioned in the article!
  • Good spot!
  • Looks like they dropped the dock pins. I used those on the original. I will still buy the new one though.
  • Wireless charging dock this time around?
  • It's definitely not a deal breaker but it looks like there's little hope for a landscape dock at this point. Shame too.
  • Looks cleannnnnn Posted via Android Central App
  • I hope the speakers are better this time around. The current ones are pretty much useless. The only thing I wish they would have done better on the original Nexus 7. I did notice the 32 GB version selling for $180 today in my local BJs Wholesale club, but only until July 19th.
  • Looks good. Since I got a dead original lying around, maybe time for a new one!
  • One year warranty by ASUS. Why not send it in to get repaired? If you can.
  • I was wondering if you have a device that didn't last a year, why you want to purchase another device from the same manufacturer? Just curious.
  • Still no HDMI out and SD card (I know, never on a Nexus, Google assumes that there are networks everywhere...) Pass.
  • I really hope it has MHL. With the 0G Nex7 had that...
  • It could be MHL...
  • I'm fine with no HDMI as long as it has Miracast
  • Meh. I have a couple Android Sticks on my home TVs, and since that's the only place I'd really be interested in using my tab to watch video on a TV, that's not an issue for me. I'd take it though. Wouldn't even bitch about it. :)
  • My reaction too. Lack of HDMI is really disappointing. Let's hope this is just a prototype and that the real thing will actually fix that oversight.
  • I'm pretty sure that is just a pin code for unlocking, not a dialer. Cellular capabilities would be cool, but I doubt we see that. On another note, I LOVE the bezel. Sorry Nook 8.9, you are getting returned.
  • D'oh. I totally over thought that, didn't I. Posted via the one and only Android Central App
  • I immediately thought dialer as well. But comparing it to the current pin lock it looks exactly the same. Posted via Android Central App
  • I would trade the rear camera for front facing speakers in a heartbeat. How many damn cameras do people need? And this just leads to morons holding up tablets to try and take pictures while they block everyone else behind them with a smartphone or regular camera. Tablets should only have front facing cameras for video chat, you wanna take pics, use your phone!
  • My niece was born today and my phone was totally crapping out when I was trying to take pics of her. If it wasn't for the camera on my Sero 7 Pro I woulda been SOL on the pics, which I was able to share instantly with my friends and family. My tablet saved the day because of that little camera on the back. Posted via Android Central App
  • I got around that issue last month with my DSLR and an Eye-Fi card :)
  • Someone is suffering from a severe case of self-inflicted 1st world problem. Morons? Sheesh! I recently got my disabled roomate the Sero 7 Pro because it has a rear camera.
  • Looks like a very worthy upgrade to the original. Can't wait to hear the exact specs. Posted via Android Central App
  • Phil, any sign of a micro-SD slot? I'd guess there isn't one, but it's something I would so love to see in a Nexus, but I know it's a pipe dream. (Having it makes it so much easier for long trips with no WiFi to have lots of movies on a micro-SD card.)
  • Looks great, but couldn't justify the purchase since my current Nexus 7 works flawlessly. Maybe I'll get envious and pull the trigger later in the year, but for now I'll watch from the sidelines.
  • HEY GUYS, ITS A NEXUS. THEREFORE IT WILL NOT HAVE AN SD CARD SLOT. kthxbai Posted via Android Central App
  • Done shouting now? LOL In my comment I did say "pipe-dream", because I'm aware of the current view of external storage Google has taken. Seriously, though, when it comes to Android and tablet design, Google is not a static company in any sense. The fact that current leadership is not in favor of supporting external storage (micro-SD) does not preclude future leadership coming in and supporting it again. Designs change. Philosophies change. Never say never...
  • I didn't say "never" ;-) Posted via Android Central App
  • Thanks for the look Brett! Posted via Android Central App
  • I have a feeling there was more video after... Brett is going to keeping me coming back to the site every hour! Posted via Android Central App
  • Dat bezel. I was hoping they'd shrink it and a bit and maybe make the overall size of the tablet a little smaller. Or stretch it and make it bigger. I just really don't like that bezel much. Maybe I'll just try the iPad Mini so I have the best of both worlds. Android phone and Apple tablet. Posted via Android Central App
  • Look at the lock screen above... the bezel is narrower than on the original N7. You want a skinnier bezel? You got it.
  • The side bezel is smaller but the top and bottom bezel are still way too big. The tablet looks stretched out and silly. My only gripe with my nexus 7 was the size of the top and bottom bezel, but what have they done slimmed the side bezels which was unnecessary. Poor google can't design a nice looking device. I'll probably still buy it though, I love my nexus 7.
  • Have you ever seen the Nexus 4? Sexiest phone in existence. Posted via Android Central App
  • Not bad...A more powerful device in a smaller package...
  • Looks like they're finally adding a notification LED? Nice! One thing i wish my current Nexus 7 had.
  • Just in time for college! Thank you Google this will pair great with my nexus ⁴! Posted via Android Central App
  • "There's a 1.2-megapixel shooter from LITEONMOBILE on the front, and 1 5-megapixel camera by Chicony on the back" You might want to amend this to "There's a 1.2-megapixel shooter from LITEONMOBILE on the front, and a 5-megapixel camera by Chicony on the back" I thought it might have a 1.5 or a 15mpx camera on the back.
  • Forgive me, is that rear camera 1.5 MP or 15 MP? Thanks!
  • Derp. Fixing. Posted via the one and only Android Central App
  • That sounds much better. I thought for sure this tablet would sport a worse camera than most feature phones. Lol
  • Thanks. That makes a world of difference for me. I'll be buying this instead of ipad mini.
  • Lol, because of the camera? Quite possibly the least used feature on a tablet. Anyways hope the mini suits you. Posted via Android Central App
  • Wut? He said he'll be buying this. Posted via Android Central App
  • Haha, totally read that wrong. Thanks for the heads up. It's been a long day. Posted via Android Central App
  • Is it just me or is that thing inside of a case? Like Samsung did with the Galaxy S3 (I think it was the S3... might have been the S4). The back is very plain. The front is incredibly plain. The bezel looks fat (like the current N7... which I don't really care for).
  • Definitely looks like some sort of case to me - especially around the camera and on the front down the sides.
  • Could well be. Again, wouldn't surprise me I. The slightest if this isn't final hardware. Posted via the one and only Android Central App
  • Except if they were trying to hide the final hardware I doubt they would put NEXUS across the back.
  • Given the time of the leak and it running stock android, everyone would have assumed that anyways. Posted via Android Central App
  • The bezel is as skinny as on the iPad mini. Posted via Android Central App
  • Looks pretty sweet! Gonna wait on this one and see if I want to put this one in my car or just put the original Nexus 7 in instead of the head unit.
  • This better not be it. because if it is, I'm keeping my money in the bank.
    It looks awful!
  • cant wait as long as it ships w/ 4.3. the pic of it laying flat is sony style...
  • I like my Nexus 7.
    Don't need a rear facing camera and nothing else is motivating.
    Now a 64GB versoin might get me to move but since it's 32GB max and really just a camera update, I'll pass.
  • Yeah, let's just ignore the double resolution, double RAM, and updated processor... Posted via Android Central App
  • Seriously, people see the outside of a tablet and think that is everything. The camera is not going to be the selling point of this tablet. Just because it is 5MP doesn't mean it is going to be any better then the camera on the iPhone 3G, not even kidding. Google doesn't waste their time throwing in good cameras on their devices, they only had to put a par camera on the n4 to make it a good contender in the smartphone race. I actually despise people that ignorant. Probably only looked at the picture.
  • The back appears to have some sort of plate or shell like case. Maybe that's why the Nexus logo is in a landscape fashion Posted via my Galaxy S4 using the Android Central App
  • I like the price points on the N7 (only $40 difference between the N7 16- and 32-GB models) so this definitely looks like a contender for gifts for the family. I would love to start hearing some rumors about a new Nexus 10 so I could give myself a "gift" though!
  • Looks like another homerun for Google and Asus. I'll be picking one up.
  • Is it odd I'm disappointed that there's a rear camera? Taking photos with tablets is stupid. Idk if if 7inches or not it's still a dumb idea Posted via Android Central App
  • Then simply ignore it exists. Its not like without it, they would have made the tablet any cheaper. If you hate it that much, glue a piece of paper over it, or take a small point hammer and destroy it. Don't let a rear camera destroy an excellent tablet, that is what ignorance is called.
  • Maybe Google is doing what BlackBerry did with the PlayBook by having it have those "touch screen" type bezels so that the notification bar and navigation bar wouldn't be available unless "swiped up" or "swiped down"? Meh, just a thought, it would add much more screen real estate all the time and I guess it could be up to the user to turn the feature on or not!
  • That could be true, but that much bezel is not nearly needed to support that. Posted from Android Central Mobile.
  • Think this nexus successor will have the same cracked screen many people were plagued with?
  • I'm pretty sure this "Google" event will announce 4.3. Stay tuned, people.
  • Give me front speakers on this thing and I'll have a reason to spend money on it. As of now I barely use my current N7 (the combination of my phone and chromebook are enough) but front speakers would at least make me jealous.
  • Does it specifically say that it has a S4 Pro CPU? the APQ8064 is also the chipset for the Snapdragon 600. I really hope it is the 600 and not the S4 Pro.
  • since we've seen both processors leaked I wouldn't be surprised if the wifi model has the s4 pro and the LTE version has the 600
  • The S4Pro and the S600 both carry the "8064" model number, and both lack on-die cellular baseband. Architecturally, the S4Pro and the S600 are almost identical.
  • Doesn't the Snapdragon 600 offer a slightly improved Adreno 320?
  • No there is no difference. The S600 is basically just an S4 Pro with a higher clock speed. The only updated GPU is the Adreno 330 on the S800. Posted via Android Central App
  • Actually S600 uses Krait 300 architecture for CPU cores, S4Pro use Krait(200), there are significant IPC gains from Krait(200) to Krait 300 as explained in this Anandtech article:
  • Thanks for the clarification NovaWiz. Now, just hoping this is the 600 instead of the S4 Pro. With 4GB of RAM, this thing should be a beast. It would be even better if it had the Snapdragon 800, but i guess thats wisful thinking :P.
  • 4GB RAM? The 800 SoC? And you want it to be ~$250 right? Some of you people are whack.
  • Ahhh, SHE will be my first ;)
  • Looks great, whether or not I pick one up remains to be seen. My original one is doing just fine. Posted via Android Central App
  • 1.2 MP camera? S4 Pro processor? those specs are *so* bad, they are completely unbelievable. Especially when they are talking about 4GB of RAM to go with it. :) That much RAM means 4k video... and since we're talking about a 7 inch screen, my money is on very different camera hardware, maybe even 3D dual cameras or something (and obviously the cpu to back it up, like a snapdragon 800).
  • 4GB RAM, 3D dual cameras, and Snapdragon 800 for $230? Go back to fairy land.
  • Broke a$$ kids from the "entitled generation." My guess.
  • Why does the screen look so small? Less bezel please and also the display looks poor.
  • Maybe when you get the chance you can take a better video, it does seem like you rushed through this one, but thanks for the leak :)
  • I hope so bad that these are not the actual specs of the final product. What a disastrous continuation of such a great tablet. I can assure you, that I won't be getting one if these are the specs. Posted from Android Central Mobile.
  • What, a 1080p screen, S4 Pro (probably actually a Snapdragon 600, says my stepdad who works at Qualcomm in San Diego), and 2 GB of RAM, isn't a worthy successor? I think your comment is confusing. That ups the res, ups the processing power AND seriously ups the gpu speed...2 GB of RAM is a huge difference on a tablet, even on a smartphone. I seriously don't understand what else you want from a $250 tablet. With that level of ignorance, you will be lucky to ever be happy with a tablet.
  • I don't like the headphone jack on the top. So now if you are using headphones and charging their are wires coming out of both sides. It is cleaner on the first N7 and the Gnex. IMO.... Posted via Android Central App
  • Let's just hope they don't decide to put the headphone jack on the side. That would be impossible for people like me who use headphones while the tab is in my pocket. Posted from Android Central Mobile.
  • Hoping it gets released before the end of August, when my reimbursable tech credit expires. Or, more accurately, that I'm able to place my order through Google's always botched Google Play Store on release day... getting my order in for my Nexus 4 was a nightmare.
  • Leaked Staples store memo says it goes on sale July 31st
  • Like a lot of others , I would have needed a lot more to upgrade. Front speakers and a bump to 8" with less bezel and more screen. Hope its ultra light or I don't see it being compelling enough to buy.
  • I don't like the screws they used, too screwy. Nor the colour, I prefer obsidian black compared to this this... inferior black that just isn't.. black! :) Way too much speculation by people who have never seen/held/used the device. Just wait till it's released and then see what you may or may not like about it. Personally, I will most certainly get one.
  • Hmmm really wondering should I sell the n7 and get this or get another tablet instead..not had the best of experience with the n7 Posted via Android Central App
  • Sorry to hear of your bad experience. Exactly what problems have you been having?
  • Love my N7. Wonder how much I could get for my N7 with 3G since I never use the 3G part. Mostly I want the rear camera.
  • spend a couple weeks trying to sell it on craigslist and you can probably get 200 bucks on it. Doubt you will get much more though when the new tablet comes out.
  • Oh mean that looks beautiful cant wait until its released ....been meaning to give my nexus 7 to my brother or mother so it will be good to see this come out soon especially with two cameras !!!!
  • Hmmm.... a little disappointed. I was kind of hoping they would make it look a little better (smaller bezels especially on top and bottom). I am glad to hear that the device is lighter. That was my main issue with the current nexus 7 besides the performance issues. If this is actually what the Nexus 7 will look like I'll probably pass. I want a slightly larger screen and lighter body (iPad mini and Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 have proved this is possible). But I think this will be a great tablet for those who don't already own the current gen. Unless Google puts some more marketing muscle behind this tablet I think it will perform worse in sales now that it has to compete with an iPad mini (1st gen Nexus 7 came out before the iPad mini) and other small tablets that aren't kindle fires or nooks. A super HD screen is not going to cut it. The screen on the nexus 7 was never lacking (resolution wise) anyway.
  • Most leaked devices don't look exactly as they are when released. Hopefully this is the case here. Posted from my Samsung Galaxy tab with Android 4.2.2
  • Most of these little wants/complaints can be solved buying a Hisense Sero 7 Pro. I seriously love this guy; its too underrated. I was considering the wait for a N7.2 but figured this more than satisfies my needs. And only 150 bucks. Posted via Android Central App
  • Exited to see some updates after 2 years. Posted via Android Central App
  • Was really hoping for snapdragon 600 over the s4 pro :/
    Would much rather have that over 4 gbs of ram. But at least its a rumor
  • From what my stepdad whom works at Qualcomm, he says the final model will probably have a 600 in it. He also says they will release a Nexus tablet with an 800 in the coming, I really shouldn't be saying these things, but screw it haha
  • I'll buy it. Not much doubt about that.
  • Jaahhhhhh cant wait look amazing. Slim, sleek and shiny Posted via Android Central App
  • I don't see an HDMI output and getting real tired of these devices not having one. Think I'll be buying a 149 Sero Pro real soon since it's more suited to the things I want to do. Not a gamer. Want it for viewing movies from XBMC, Netflix and surfing the net, all on a HDTV when I want. I think Hisence will do just fine. Posted using the amazing Razr MaxxHD by Motorola.
  • Then quit wasting your money and buy a $50 Android stick. Works great.
  • Recent leaks say it has a MLH like port. So, with the right adapter, sure you can use HDMI. Chill your nuts, the hisense is a cheap piece of hardware sure, but like i just said, its cheap.
  • When it comes to "Who is the Sexiest Small Tablet?" My iPad Mini has it won HANDS DOWN.. Say what you want about Apple, but there is No Tablet on the market that comes close to the sexy iPad Mini in looks.. period. Everytime I take it out of it case an hold that solid 1 piece aluminum, it puts a smile on my face..:-) can't beat the price of the N7..( Well, the Hisense Pro can..) but hey, we all have a choice to purchase what suits us the best.. I LOVE my Android Smartphone.. But I also LOVE my oh so sexy iPad Mini..
    I don't get it? The N10 has front facing speakers.. why not give them to the N7v2?
    This should be a "Pass" for most folks.
  • "This should be a pass for most folks" says the guy with the iPad mini. Ok, guy with the ipad mini, you must be right.
  • i expected the memory card slot
  • You expected a memory card slot? From google? Come on man, learn your brands.
  • anyone else get excited for the notification light? Posted via Android Central App
  • i think it hasn't needed with wifi vesion, because most everybody isn't always use wifi
  • Really? I don't know anybody switching off wifi on his/her phone/tablet when a wifi network is available. Maybe I live in a weird place...
  • I think it's a case on the next Nexus in the above images. There is a lip around the edge that doesn't make sense to be the actual backing. It just looks lower quality than the current Nexus 7, and not as well designed as what Asus usually does. But that huge top and bottom bezel doesn't make me happy at all. I like my iPad Mini, it's got great build quality, but the display is so-so as far as resolution, and I can bog the processor down more than I thought I would. I'll buy the Nexus if the build quality, the display, and the horsepower are there.
  • A case would not surprise me. My friend who worked at Qualcomm got a prototype of the Experia Z Ultra before it was announced, and it was all cased up. They are pretty careful about prototypes being cased up in case of a leak such as this. And production models are very rare to find before an announcement.
  • Thanks "Brett"
  • That's definitely a case on the new nexus 7, I reckon it's gonna be super slim!
    I missed the notification light and rear camera on my original nexus 7, so happy to see them here. There were a couple of times when I only had my nexus 7 to hand and ended up trying to take a pic with the tablet facing backwards away from me :-) Happy Days, I'll be getting one of these!
  • The thing about the smooth, matte backplates (also seen on the first leaked Moto X pictures) is that they get all dirty and greasy looking really fast.
  • Got to sell my old one fast then Posted via Android Central App
  • Am I the only one that wants front facing speakers? or is that just a huge waste? Anyone with a One, let me know. Oh, and HDMI out please.
  • I have the One, and I will never be buying a phone with rear or side speakers again. It makes a huge difference, and it would be very nice to have front speakers on the N7. However, if not, then I will just buy a small bluetooth speaker and carry that around with my N7, because rear speakers are really just too painful.
  • My phone records video just as good as my DSLR camera....why are these leak videos always so poop??
  • Edit: On second thought, that's the lock screen PIN entry we're seeing, not a dialer. Not necessarily. Perhaps there will be some wifi calling uses. :)
  • What are the physical dimensions?
  • Looks pretty nice, but I'll still be going with the Xperia Tablet Z. The Nexus 7 I had just seemed too small after awhile.
  • I was just playing with one of those at the Sony store today actually. It is an amazing tablet, probably the best out currently. If you want a 10 inch tablet, get a Z tablet. I wish I got one over my Surface now.
  • BREAKSCLUSIVE!!!!@#@#$!^#$@#%^!@# :)
  • looks a little longer, doesn't it? or is it just me?
  • does this mean a new nexus 4 or nexus 10?
  • Probably a new Nexus 4 soon actually. Nexus 10 will likely be later this year. They are also releasing a Nexus 8, but not many people know about that yet.
  • hmm, is now for sale.
  • Getting it.
  • Well I have to send in my nexus 7 in for a replacement. I hope they send me a check for a replacement so I can get the second gen when it comes out with the money i get.
  • Check for replacement? This makes no sense? Posted via Android Central App
  • Umm yeah, don't get your hopes up. You will get the exact same tablet you have in your hands right now. Maybe a different refurbished one, or if you are lucky a brand new one. But not a check, and certainly not the next gen.
  • Can anyone view the video? getting 'this video is private' message.
  • I hope the speaker are premium. Noticed they are not visible in the pic's. Hope this doesn't mean they are mediocre.
  • One of the reasons we think this is a case. They are stereo speakers, but whether they are good and separated or not, is a totally different question.
  • Looks like a useful device this time round.
    The last one just didn't offer performance or resolution to justify ever using it instead of the Nexus 10, so the first 7 quickly became a "generous" gift to an in-law. Thinking about it, nothing beats the Nexus 10 yet.
    My primary rationalization for the Nexus 7.2 is the size suits specific uses (navigation in-car, reading, bluetooth viewer for sports cameras and reviewing photos and videos on location ... in each case, the Nexus 10 is bigger than absolutely necessary, but I have to stop and say it's just a rationalization for a new toy gadget that hopefully won't end up in the stack of "things to sell on eBay" that never seems to get sold on eBay.
  • Yeah, a 1080p screen on a 7 inch has a similar ppi to the N10. The N10 is an awesome device though, and I think Google will put a lot more money into the next gen N10. Hopefully it won't be made by Samsung though, that was a turnoff for me. Also, it needs at least a S800 to be worth an upgrade to a N10. But the new N7 will be enough for me as I already have a large tablet. Oh, how I love talking myself into buying to tech.
  • Yup, the more reviews I see the more I want it!
  • This is going to be a very exiting tablet. The only thing I am curious about is will they announce this, or the N8 my stepdad (worker at Qualcomm) has been telling me about, which sports a 1080p screen and S600. Whichever tablet is announced this week, I will be buying though. Just put together enough cash specifically for the occasion. Man, these press conferences are like Christmas to me...the anticipation is a little much. Just wish my stepdad had more info for me, but Google doesn't tell QCom much, they only send them prototypes and order sheets haha.
  • previously Nexus 7 has major defects like crap speaker & screen lift, dissapoint bad service waiting, no matter cheap Im avoid this thing unless build by Samsung, Google should giving Samsung a chance to make one,
  • The small gap between the screen and bezel has already got dirt in it. How annoying. Posted via Android Central App
  • After reading new features and specification of Nexus 7, i am going to replace my Samsung Grand phone...