Never forget to shut the garage door with the MyQ Chamberlain smart opener on sale for $20

Myq Chamberlain White
Myq Chamberlain White

The Chamberlain MyQ smart garage door opener is our favorite device for opening your garage from your phone, and it works extremely well. Today you can get one for $19.98 (opens in new tab) at Amazon. This is a daily deal and is set to expire by tomorrow, so grab it while you can. The MyQ normally sells for around $30 with spikes as high as $40. While we have seen it go on sale before, we have never seen a direct price drop this low.

Most likely compatible with your current garage door opener, this device lets you open and close the garage from an app on your phone. You can get notifications when it's used in real time. If you have Google Assistant, enable voice control. (opens in new tab)
Most likely compatible with your current garage door opener, this device lets you open and close the garage from an app on your phone. You can get notifications when it's used in real time. If you have Google Assistant, enable voice control.

This new version of the MyQ simplifies the setup tremendously. It doesn't even have to attach to the garage door opener anymore. It comes with a mounting plate so you can put it on any wall in your garage. All you're doing is taking what already exists and making it smarter. The product page can show you all the garage door openers the MyQ is compatible with, but it basically includes anything made after 1993. As long as you have the standard safety sensors and such, you'll most likely be able to use this.

Of course, you also need a router with Wi-Fi strong enough to reach your garage. Might need to upgrade to a mesh network if that's not the case. The installation for the MyQ is simple, takes just a few minutes, and comes with step-by-step instructions in the MyQ app that should easy super easy to follow. This new version simplifies it with Bluetooth, but you will need a router within 50-feet of the garage and a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band to connect to.

So what functionality can the MyQ give you? For one thing, you won't have to worry about those bulky clip-on garage door buttons anymore. With the MyQ app, you can just pull up your smartphone and press a button to open or close the door. The app can also send you notifications. For example, if you forget to close the door and you've already driven off, the notification might say "Your garage door has been open since 8 a.m." And then you can fix that issue even while you're at work.

You can also create guest access, which lets up to three people control the garage with the MyQ Guest Feature. In a similar vein, you can sign up with Amazon Key to let Amazon delivery drivers briefly access your garage and place your packages inside. That's a nice and simple way to secure your packages and keep them out of the rain until you get home.

The MyQ works with some other smart home systems, too. However, in the past the MyQ has charged a subscription fee ($1 a month) to do that. If you want voice control, you can connect the MyQ to a Google Assistant device. It also works with the Wink hub, Nest, and more.

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  • Chamberlains product here is utter trash when considering the competition. I have the previous model (a family member gifted it to me on Christmas years back and have it installed for my shop garage door) and its fine for what it is but requires a subscription to use basic voice control (and GA only at that) is pure nonsense. You need the subscription for IFTTT as well and the recipies it allows are mostly useless. The only way to even open your garage door is through the app. No voice control or IFTTT recipes are allowed; you must open the app. The reliability it good and the connection strength is also good but otherwise it is just plain jane. Meanwhile, in our garage door for our home, I have a Tailwind system installed which is miles better. It includes GA, Alexa, IFTTT, and Samsung Smart Things support FOR FREE!! Its connectivity and reliability are beyond excellent. It has geofencing for auto open/close capabilities which we have found to be mostly reliable. The app is great and the widget is very useful. It even provides a bluetooth sensor for older vehicles that don't have bluetooth for the auto open/close feature (it's a separate purchase but super cheap and useful). Plus, I have it working on an older garage door opener and a new one thanks to Tailwind's compatibility device that allows for basically all garage doors. Setup took about 2 hours (that is because I was being super meticulous with the wiring and how it was hung and I had to connect two separate garage door openers as I don't have one door, I have two separate because our garage is extra wide). All in all, do yourself a favor and ignore the price of the Chamberlain product and get a Tailwind. It's so much better.
  • Ok. Now THAT was a great review. Thanks!