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The mythical HTC Merge appears (or is still?) in Verizon's inventory system

It's the eve of Mobile World Congress, and what do we have here? Why, yes, it's another HTC Merge story. The phone that JUST WONT'T DIE apparently is in Verizon's inventory system, according to this image we were tipped to. The question is whether it's new, or if it's been there all along as a placeholder. Either way, another interesting entry in the journal of the phone that never was meant to be.

Oh, and, yes, there's the HTC Thunderbolt, with a listed MSRP of $615. How's about that? And if you're still interested about the Merge, be sure to check out our exclusive hands-on preview, video review, benchmarks and more. It's what we do, ya know. Thanks, darkerDROID24!

  • Anyone notice the retail price of the ThunderBolt as being $615.00 MSRP? hmmm
  • Anyone notice it's called the Droid Thunderbolt? Everything before this has said no Droid branding.
  • ugh, you beat me to it lol
  • Sorry for the double post, but i also noticed that there calling the ThunderBolt "Droid ThunderBolt 4G", and that the MSRP is the same as the Droid Incredible's was at $615. The date it was updated according to the screenie is 2/11/11.
    but its also odd that the Droid Eris is still in there inventory when its discontinued. quite odd...
  • Droid Thunderbolt! So glad they are branding it as so. :-)
  • They did this with the Incredible last year, when it first got announced on Verizon's website, and at the launch event it was just the HTC Incredible, then when it came time to pre-order, the first graphic that showed up was HTC Incredible, then a few hours later, it was changed to say "Droid Incredible by HTC" It only makes sense since the Droid branding designates a high end Android powered device on Verizon, and i'm sure they want to make the most of there money since they licensed it from George Lucas. Droid ThunderBolt has a nice ring to it :P Considering HTC changed the product page for the ThunderBolt in the past two days to remove the Skyp and Hotspot references along with some other details, this is turning into a launch mess, but i guess there going to try to make up for that mess by branding it a Droid device, after all it does have the "with Google" on the back on the kickstand, and we all know Droid devices don't have BING
  • Umm, guys it says Droid Incredible listed as $615 MSRP, NOT THE THUNDERBOLT!
  • Look at the Dinc look down :)
  • If u look below it says Droid Thunderbolt 4G ... I think this is accurate because it shows the Droid Incredible at $149.99 and $615 MSRP
  • Oops, yeah I feel like an idiot. After being at work for 12 hours, my brain has ceased to function properly
  • First seven comments on a Merge story...not one mention of the Merge. lol
  • HTC's product page is down.. are they announcing anything at MWC?
  • I was just there, HTC's press event isn't till Tuesday at MWC. but its worth noting that the ThunderBolt product page has be stripped of the Hotspot/Skype info, as well as the interactive flash feature detailing highlight features such as Connected Media (DLNA), Hotspot, and Skype. and the "Exclusively" at Verizon Wireless above the VZ logo on the product page is now gone too, this could be coming to MetroPCS like it was rumored to ever since HTC was rumored to have a LTE phone coming to MetroPCS. just sayin...
  • Lol this page looks strangley familiar. Unfortunately its not really big news. I work for this company and the merge has been in the system for a long time. Long enough for me to give up hope it will ever actually launch.
  • I dunno. I really want to get excited but honestly, the previous story combined with this one just doesn't sell me enough on it. It just seems like that Bigfoot video. You know, THAT ONE - Just as easily, one store didn't return all the Merge accessories and one of the drones put out the wrong box. And it was left in the system because perhaps it's just a pain to remove something. Notice how it has no price for MSRP. I'd love to have this phone but all my excitement aside, I just don't see convincing enough evidence that it's still coming. Until there's an announcement, I resign myself to freakout level 6. But I want to be wrong. I don't like freaking out for nothing.
  • Droid Eris is showing because its still in rotation. Once the phone is depleted it will get erased out if the system...... but I'm just a normal guy who knows nothing... Tbolt is on the way!!!!
  • Funny how it says the Eris is on 1.5 too. Wasn't it launched with 2.0?
  • ^ the very first Bach was 1.5 than they came loaded with 2.0
  • I've wondered why they wouldn't brand the first Lte phone with the Droid name. They may still. Droid Thunderbolt has a ring to it. Hopefully they use it.
  • guess no one else noticed the merge is still rockin the old part# ADR... not the new PG... that they claimed it has now been changed too in the recent fcc approval news...tells me unfortunately this is not newly entered stock info... boooooo! Come on verizon whats the big deal release the damn phone, its not going to affect sales of your lousy liephone or other android phones as it targets the fans of the physical keyboard.. ppl like me who only want and will only settle for an android phone that is keyboarded...clearly you dont care much for the droid 2s as you hand them out for free when ppl rma there droid1s. Obviously the merge will not be a failed device as ppl have been checking for news daily on its whereabouts since august...thats enough time for a high end device to become a midrange device.. Quit stalling! 3G/4G whatever.....ppl want the merge for 2 reasons 1 its HTC, 2 it has physical Keyboard....make it happen vzw..i still have faith i will have this device in my hands soon
  • Just hit best buy for accessories...this has got to be real now...maybe HTC will announce it soon! Sigh, I feel bad getting this when I know it'll be obsolete in like 2 months, but I need a hackable verizon phone with a keyboard. My droid just can't keep up with only 256mb of RAM.
  • It wont be obsolete it just wont have the crazy hardware specs like atrix, thunderbolt or bionic. I had a milestone (identical to your droid 1 but gsm) and i am currently on a G2 now which is basically the tmob version of the merge and the difference in performance between the milestone/droid to the G2/merge is day and night...u will be extatic with the performance gain the merge will give you over what ur current droid has...and the display is 3.8" not 3.7" like droid..the .1 is very noticable
  • Heh, hope you're right on the screen size. The Sprint version was a downgrade at 3.6". Also, I'm losing less screen real estate with 800x480 vs my Droid's 854x480. I can handle that though. I am overclocking my Droid to 1.1GHZ, so we'll see if performance is night and day, but I think that will be the case once I start multitasking. :-)