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A mystery Motorola phone leaks that's not the rumored X Phone

An unannounced Motorola phone has leaked out, and it really shows Google's influence over the software. Carrying the XT912A model number, the folks at the Vietnamese site Tinhte are quick to tell us that they are sure this one isn't the rumored X Phone based on the screen size, but it does have some impressive specs -- a 4-inch 720p screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro (possibly better) CPU, an Adreno 320 GPU, 2GB of RAM and a 2,000mAh battery.

The back is beveled and very thin at the edges, with a non removable plastic battery cover. They also note that the speaker holes lack the precision you would see from a phone like the Lumia 920 or the HTC One X. Probably the most important thing to note is the mostly stock Android 4.2 experience the video shows us -- lock screen widgets and all. It certainly looks like a 4-inch stock Android device. That should make plenty of folks happy. There's a four minute video after the break showing it all off, be sure to have a look.

Source: Tinhte (Vietnamese)

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Reminds me of my old Nexus but with a Motorola branding instead. LOL
  • This gets my hope up a bit, it definitely looks like a prototype to bring Nexus design to Motorala. He basically said it has curved edge screen, which is 4.7" 720p Super Amoled. And it feels durable. The M logo on top left is quite ugly though. Hopefully it won't be Amoled in the end because I have enough of my share of bad Amoled screens by Samsung. I'm still happy with my Galaxy Nexus after gotten a refund for the Nexus 4. Maybe a Motorola Nexus will be unveiled by the end of this year, but I can't imagine myself upgrading unless it allow more options, with excellent camera with atleast 32gb option, and not so horrid speaker. Otherwise it'll be to me just another no microsd, non-removable battery, single speaker phones.
  • Oh brother let's keep it real what if it was Xphone??? Motorola's soft what they gonna do in the tech game???. They need to stop the KING of android is already taken come Thursday here in New York City. Android doesn't need any pretenders.
  • So Google is a pretender? Then what's Samsung, the creator of Android?
  • Sadly, that's exactly what he thinks... He claims "Samsung is Android", but without Android, Samsung would be nothing in the smartphone market.
  • Nexus 4 kills Samsung KAW KAW!
  • LOL Nexus 4. Yeah keep wishing.
  • Man! You're everywhere! Samsung's very thankful. Here, have a dollar and GTFO!
  • Richy boy is always threatened when some new tech is on the horizon. What's funny is he never owned any Samsung phone.
  • It doesn't look quite thr big but definitely not 4". Looks about 4.3" to me.
  • if you stop the video at 1:25 its clear its even more than 4.3 comparing to the iphone 5 4 inch screen. that if you include the on screen buttons .
  • other websites besides engadget, (AC are you taking from engadget?) say that its 4.65" screen... but edge to edge!
  • Two different tech sites say they have talked to a google employee about the motorola X phone and they confirmed it will actually be called the "Nexus X" sharing the nexus name but will not share the nexus branding, somehow. After seeing this phone It confirms what they were talking about.
  • This doesn't confirm jack sh*t.
  • lol
  • Confirm? No. Strongly support? Yes.
  • I want that with a MicroSD slot...but alas those are going the way of the dodo bird.
  • Motorola Nexus?? It certainly looks like an evolution of the Nexus brand.
  • Looks like it would feel comfortable and safe in hand with which looks like a rubberized surface. I look forward to more information!
  • Comparing it next to what looks like a iPhone 5, it definitely is a 4.3 inch screen. This does sound like my perfect phone. Perfect size screen (720p as well), fast processor, big 2000mah battery (could be a bit bigger though), looks gorgeous...except that logo on the front. Would love to see a international more refined version of this out this year.
  • I agree. I compared the still frames that contained the Motorola device and the iPhone 5 right next to each other. The nice thing is that they increased the screen size over the iPhone 5, without being much larger in the overall dimensions (i.e., small bezels). My estimates for the dimensions of this Motorola mystery device are: Height: 124 mm
    Width: 60 mm
    Screen size: 113 mm (~4.4 in) diagonal
    (*) Screen size excluding soft button region: ~4.3 in (*) It's very nice to see a device with soft buttons that doesn't have the HUGE bezel area underneath like the Nexus 4 has. With all the room the Nexus 4 has underneath the screen, they could have easily fit capacitive buttons and given extra screen real estate. Soft buttons are nice, but only if there is a small bezel. Otherwise it's a waste of space.
  • The screen looks as if it doesn't have a lip around the outside edge. Almost like it is all one piece that just rolls around to the back, which has me immediately thinking of the Palm Pre. Ill fated though it was, anyone who has had the chance to hold one in hand will easily remember how amazing it felt. Which makes me wonder why no other manufacturer since has stolen that very organic design and inflated it into a 4.5" device. I would love to see a Motorola X with a design like that. I would never leave it or forsake it.
  • Hell yeaaa! ITA
  • Hmmm..Droid Razr M HD perhaps?
  • I agree. Droid Razr M HD - Seems to hit the rumored specs pretty close. Really really digg'n it too. Not too big, plenty of RAM. I could live with a phone like this for quite a while.720p edge to edge screen, HTC inspired back, Nexus like skinning. If this is 2013 mid range, i'm all in.
  • Same here. If they released this running stock Android and promised that Verizon customers would see timely software updates, I would definitely consider ditching my iPhone 5 and coming back to Android. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this phone.
  • "...and promised that Verizon customers would see timely software updates" They've made that promise before. I'm afraid I dont think Moto/Google have the power to push verizon around when it comes to sanctioning software updates.
  • Couldn't have said it better myself! The size is perfect for my small hands. And the design is very appealing. I know the battery isn't removable, but I wish it was. I carry a spare for my GS3 and you really can't beat the convenience of popping in a fresh battery when you need it!
  • Whatever this phone is it doesn't look final. I'm hoping the Nexus won't continue having nearly the same from design for a third generation. I don't like huge screens but 4 inches is a little too small. I'm hoping for a top of the line Nexus to be announced this May at Google I/O.I want to see a 1080p non amoled screen one of the next gen processors anoounced a little bit back either manufactured my Motorola, Sony, or Samsung I guess HTC would be okay too. If the battery and storage is large enough I don't care about non removable batteries or sdcards. After all it will only lead to design and performance enhancements. The next phone shouldn't just have the latest and greatest software so I hope to see something impressive I'm the camera department as rumored and hopefully a decent speaker. That's all I want from Google I/O :).
    P.S. I wouldn't reject that device running key lime pie, Google glass, new tablets or anything else Google I/O has to offer.
  • Looks pretty nice.. but no volume toggles?
  • It would be nice if this is true. It would be great to finally see a high end Android phone that wasn't 5" plus. This reaffirms the idea that not everyone wants a phablet.
  • Totally agree with that! 4.3 - 4.5 is plenty for a phone for me. I am really disappointed that manufacturers think everyone wants a huge slab of a phone & are only putting their high end hardware in those. I'm hoping this is the basis for a Droid5 too!
  • I don't know how these guys got this phone but is it possible it's not ready for production?
    The screen glass looks strange and I read that the speaker holes are not up to other flagship phone standards.
  • I don't think this is meant to be a Flagship Device..
  • Sure, I agree. But it still doesn't look finished. Especially the lack of the volume control. This alone is a must.... how else would you change it while you are talking? You gotta feel the buttons with your fingers
  • I agree with one of the other guys said.. there's is no volume rocker on Moto the 1st to try this.
    For some reason the Motorola badge in the top left corner of the phone hints to me that this wont be on Verizon...It will be sold those the play store like Rumored and on AT&T Or T-Mobile...
  • i like it. clean, sleek, simple. my only suggestions for improvement so far would be - 1. 5" display
    2. 100% pure unadulterated stock Android
  • Why do people wants 5" displays so badly? My Nexus 4 is JUST about able to fit in one hand and be usable. Stick the bumper on it and it no longer can be held in one hand for me. A 5" screen just is too big.
  • N4 has a pretty low screen/bezel ratio... many 5" phones would not be any bigger at all.
  • That's your opinion, which is increasingly becoming the minority. I don't think my choice of a 5 inch screen should be taken away because of your lack of hand real estate. That's my opinion.
  • 5" screen size doesn't necessarily mean a bigger size. Most phones have too much bezel and could be converted to screen size without increasing overall size of phone.
  • my thoughts on this:
    no volume rocker....weird. unless they somehow integrate the volume into the power button (not difficult, slide down/up to change volume down/up) the glass looks un-finished. the glass is actually angled and not curved. I dont like this one bit. hopefully they make it curved to follow the rest of the device design. the motorola logo on the front is probably just a pre-manufacturing/prototype logo. companies use these logos to pinpoint leaks if they do happen. Microsoft did this with some of the Zune HD prototypes.
    obviously it doesn't stop the leaks, but it does help the company find who leaked it. overall, i like where this is going. I would love to see a really high end nexus device (10" 4k folding screen, 8 core processor 5gb RAM, 20MP camera, 10000 mah battery...ok maybe not that high end:) ) for like $400 on the play store...then a few lower end, smaller, google experience phones like this....not 100% stock, but close enough with FAST updates (not nexus fast) available to all carriers...true world phones...for around $200-$300. This would TOTALLY change the way we deal with the carriers.
  • Ahhh... a higher-end, small screened phone. How refreshing.
  • Even though I'm not the target market for smaller screened phones, it's nice to see them still available.
  • Looks like a Nexus physically but that widget means it is running blur. Unless Google is going to make that an actual widget in their AOSP phones which would be awesome (doubt it though)
  • Razr M HD...
  • Looks like the DROID RAZR M had a baby with the DROID DNA.
  • My next phone is definitely going to be the next Nexus provided it's a few things:
    1) Fast (as in, no lag, smooth performance)
    2) Big battery
    3) Stock Android I'm always tempted by Samsung's Galaxy S line, but I really want stock Android. I'm not sure what to make of this leak other than it may be a prototype, but if it meets those criteria and is a step up from my current Galaxy Nexus (which I love), I'm all for it.
  • it may be a 4.3" screen, but "with the onscreen buttons it shrinks it to a 4" screen. onscreen buttons suck.
  • How come on Motorola phones (i.e., Razr M, Razr i) there is a gap between the signal strength icon and the WIFI icon? And why does the signal strength icon stay gray when wifi is on? It makes the notification bar look pretty ugly. Unfilled gap and lack of color uniformity.
  • 4" 720p phone? Please please please let me get it on Sprint. I refuse to buy a 5" phone and I don't want to keep my current one forever.
  • New Motorola low/mid end phones:
  • Non-removable battery? That's a dealbreaker. WTF, Motorola/Google? Some of us actually USE our phones and don't drool over how many hours we get of suspend/screen-off time between charges. No Micro-SD card is also a deal-breaker. It's not just about total storage size... it's about safe, automatic built-in backup in the event of a hardware failure on the phone itself (and don't give me that "back up to the cloud" crap). Pop the SD out, put it in another phone, restore with Titanium, and you're back up in minutes.
  • What if this is a Nexus device with a 4 inch screen, and there will be a bigger Nexus phablet device as well i.e. Optimus G Pro iteration into a Nexus???
  • Does it have a volume rocker? I didnt see it.
  • I'm of the opinion that Motorola should do a line of phones that are the pure Android experience. Maybe they should be called the "Pure" line. They would be a copy of the top of the line Blur device with maybe a processor that's a notch slower, but everything else would be the same; maybe a second phone that's midrange.
  • The model number kind of convinces me it's going to be replacing Droid RAZR. That's cause the model number is XT912A, which is similar to XT912/Droid RAZR.I would say this would be Droid RAZR 2?