Motorola's bringing back the RAZRSource: Motorola

The Motorola RAZR is coming back in a modern new format. The company invited press and loyal fans to an event in Los Angeles on November 13, cheekily telling them, "You're going to flip." It also says that the event is the "highly anticipated unveiling of a reinvented icon," which is "an original unlike any other."

The teaser is a looping GIF showing the shedding of an old flip phone into something much more modern. It was previously reported that the updated RAZR would be a vertical-oriented folding phone with a 6.2-inch screen when unfolded, making it considerably smaller than any folding phone unveiled to date. Motorola also confirmed it would be released before the end of 2019, though an earlier summer announcement was expected.

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Other rumored specs include a Snapdragon 710, 4GB to 6GB of RAM, and a meager 2,730mAh battery, along with either 64GB or 128GB of storage. In other words, this ain't going to be aimed at the enthusiast.

Source: Slashleaks

Instead, Motorola is going after the nostalgia crowd, seemingly recreating the beloved flip phone experience for a new generation. That the rumored RAZR 2019 will cost upwards of $1,500 may damper some of that enthusiasm, but we'll have to see what the company actually unveils when we join them in L.A. next month.

In the meantime, if you actually want to buy a foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold is now available at AT&T and through Samsung's online store... for just under $2000.

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