Motorola's First Android Phone is the Calgary, to Launch on Verizon ?

We've been interested in a Motorola Android Device here at Android Central since Android was announced--the combination of high-end Motorola hardware plus capable Android software seemed to be a match made in heaven. That dream is finally looking to come true because according to some reports, Motorola is planning to release the Android-powered Calgary which is an uber-sexy, QWERTY slider-type device.

If the reports are to be believed, the Calgary will launch on Verizon, who wouldn't mind a good phone or three of their own. Can you imagine that? Android, Motorola, and Verizon sitting in a tree. Hopefully the picture above captures what Motorola wants to do design-wise with the Calgary--we truly believe that Moto can re-define the smartphone landscape with a game-changing Android device.

[via bgr

  • Nice looking phone ! Im liking the home
    screen better than the standard Android home screen.
  • DUAM! nice phone does anyone know when it comes out?!?!?!
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