Motorola Xoom Superbowl ad teaser takes a shot at Apple

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The Super Bowl is right around the corner and we're all anxious to see what products are advertised during the game since they reach so many viewers.

We have our first teaser by Motorola for the highly anticipated Xoom tablet. The ad takes place in space with a quick reference to Apple's 1984 ad before showing off the Xoom's qualities.

After the reference to 1984, the ad shows off 1080p playback, 3G and 4G models, dual cameras and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). Towards the end, Motorola appears to take a shot at Apple by saying "It's Time to Live a Free Life" after going through phrases such as "One Authority" and "One Design." It's a sweet commercial that makes us more anxious to see what's plugged during the Super Bowl.

Update: This is a teaser for the ad during the Superbowl, not the actual commercial. For the actual commercial, tune in to the game on Sunday.

Sean Brunett