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Motorola Xoom 'project' starting to roll out now and to continue through the weekend [updated]

*UPDATED* - ICS it is -- hit the break.

We've known for a while now Motorola has been prepping a 'project' not only for the WiFi Motorola Xoom but the 4G LTE equipped Motorola Xoom as well. However, there was no mention of when it may be rolling out to users and Motorola themselves claimed that due to it being a GED (Google Experience Device) they had no idea as to when either. Looks as though that time has come according to some info we just recieved. The following email was sent out to folks:

Thanks for your patience as we've waited for this project to begin. Because we are dealing with a Google Experience Device (GED) we have less insight to timing than we would usually have. However, I'm happy to announce that we will start the update this evening. Because it was delayed a few days, we will also have additional time to test; we will let it run through the weekend.

Could it be Android 4.0 ICS? Likely, but don't be insanely disappointed if it's not. Either way, we'll soon find out what it is and we'll be sure to let you all know as well.

Thanks, Anon!

  • Interesting ... Edit : Congrats to all the XOOM owners
  • I'm sorry but my Xoom is telling me that it is up to date and I'm still on honey com why is Motorola taking so long to make ics available for the Motorola Xoom 4G LTE ver. I'm not rooted or anything and I don't want to be I just want my ics !!!
  • My xoom is telling me that the simcard is missing or can not be read. What's the problem here?
  • My xoom is telling me that the simcard is missing or can not be read. What's the problem here?
  • I knew that I kept that xoom sitting on the shelve for a reason!
  • It is ICS. I know a tester.
  • You're gonna start a lot of heat if it isn't ICS.. lol
  • You're going to need ice cubes in your shorts or sumptin' tss tst
  • Good one Chip
  • I think it really will feel like a new tablet after the ICS update. From what I've seen, it really smooths out the rough edges.
  • Just got it now. It's iOS 5. Trust me, I'm legit.
  • Is it for the Motorola zoom family education ttoooo
  • Well, considering I already have a stable ICS build on my Xoom US WiFi, I could care less about this "project!" Ha!
  • Same here.. Like a brand new tablet.
  • Do you need to be updated to LTE to even receive the email, let alone the update? I have a Xoom and never sent it in because coverage is out of my way. I did not receive an email.
  • No this is for wifi xooms only. Not lte vzw will need to test the ics update for lte xooms
  • This current soak test is for the WiFi only version, but there is another soak test about to begin for the Verizon XOOM 4G LTE.
  • When I got the inquiry, it asked if I updated to Verizon 4G and when I replied yes, it didn't boot me out of the questionaire, just asked me some more questions, so I think the soak may include the 4G version also... then again, unless I get it today, I wasn't updated yesterday.
  • From what I understand the 3g Xoom is no more on the development table.. I would look into seeing if the upgrade is still an option because if I understand it correctly by not upgrading you sent your device out to pasture prematurely.
    Also on order to have a chance to be part of this testing you gave to of signed up for the "beta" testing, and or as Moto likes to call it soak testing.
  • Is this something that Motorola announced, or hearsay?
  • Why didn't the xoom get this before asus? I thought it was the Google experience tablet.
  • Um, no current Asus model tablet has been upgraded to ICS yet.
  • Huh? The asus transformer prime got the ics update yesterday. Not sure where your getting your info.
  • Ah, the article I posted was about the original Transformer, not the Prime. Thanks for the info
  • Google is in charge of updating the Xoom, ask them.
  • Well considering the xoom was rushed to the shelf the general experience out of the box wasn't good at all lag lag lag, so maybe Google actually wanted to get this right before releasing it. I'm not going to hold my breath if US are testing it now it's looking to be a march release if all goes well which means the European xoom owners will probably get it just before they release jellybean.
  • The Xoom experience is pretty similar to all 10" Gingerbread tablets. That said, I am looking forward to ICS on it!
  • Nice
  • I think the delays were actually on Google's end this time. Since the Xoom is a GED all updates have to come from Google. The drivers for the xoom have been out for a few weeks now. (except for the camera which was leaked this week I think from a chinese rom) so it seems like it took a bit for Google to get it developed and thoroughly tested. Better to have them test it than it come out screwed up.
  • Sweet Googley Moogely!!! I am at work so will check at home. Got the same email so will know in a couple of hours. Motorola Feedback Member for the Xoom. Got mine about 16 hrs after the email last time.
  • as someone above posted, I dont think this could be ICS because its available for the LTE Xoom, which in theory would need to go through verizon, rather than directly from moto/google
  • as someone above posted, I dont think this could be ICS because its available for the LTE Xoom, which in theory would need to go through verizon, rather than directly from moto/google
  • This is only for the wifi xoom only. has nothing to do with verizon
  • Motorola is also about to start a soak test for the Verizon XOOM 4GLTE.
  • reread the body of the post
  • All these posts and no one actually got the update? Did we all get rid of our Xoom's or something? lol.
  • Its confidential duh but yes ics yes at midnight no I don't have it or maybe I do first rule of
  • yayyyyyyyy I cs yayyyyyyyyy its official
  • Got it
  • When do you think ICS will roll out to all the Xoom wifi models?
  • march,,jk
  • in the next 10 days. probably sooner.
  • Or you can pop over to xda, find the signed link, and download and install the update with an OTG cable and a USB stick. I did without any problems. And yes, it's a whole new tablet. If you have a Galaxy Nexus or Nexus S with ICS, get ready for deja vu. Keyboard is fixed, browser is fixed. Only lag I'm seeing is in the multitasking menu. This is the tablet I wanted, finally.
  • the OTA is available on XDA in the I have dl'ed and already installed. ICS is glorious. make sure you have a host cable. I upgraded from stock 3.2.1
  • I agree. Glorious sums it up. Even screen shots work (press hold the power button and volume down at the same time).
  • I don't understand why the Xoom can't do it from the SD card like nearly any other device with an SD card slot.
  • Is this update wipe the xoom or not ? (when flashing with USB host cable and
  • XDA says it's not a wipe, just an incremental update meant for upgrading from the latest 3.2.1 stock build
  • This doesn't seem to be a full fledged design, as it would seem as though it is missing components of the ICS in its entirety. Perhaps after the weekend has come to a close we will get a fully developed ICS Motorola Xoom device.
  • I'm going to show my ignorance here with this question, so only people that signed up for a a tester program are able to get this OTA update?
  • That's is correct about 1000 average folks are doing finale test. It'll last till Monday. After that if it goes smoothly then we should have ota for xoom wifi USA by next weekend.
  • What are the noticeable differences between honeycomb and ICS on a tablet?
  • It's a massive difference in terms of smoothness and usability. That lag between homescreens and with the keyboard? Gone. Browser is much more stable. Apps are launching faster. You can swipe away apps in the multitasking menu. No exaggeration: ICS makes Honeycomb look like alpha software. This is what Android tablets should have had out of the box.
  • Thanks for the response. Good to know that performance has been improved.
  • Small_law question for ya. How is flash on ICS's browser? Does it play more smoothly than Honeycomb's?
  • And a question we are all wondering- how is the SD card handled now? Is it better integrated? Is it read-write? USB mass storage mode for the Xoom yet?
  • It looks like the sd card is being handled the same. I'm not seeing an obvious way to save pics to the sd card or move apps to sd. I'll have to play around with it more, but write permissions don't appear to be there at first glance. Anyone else have luck? And I haven't had a chance to see if there is USB mass storage. ICS does have support for it. The Galaxy Nexus has only MTP because it doesn't have an sd card.
  • Thanks for the info, as disappointing as it is. I *hate* MTP. BTW- it doesn't matter if there is an SD card or not, it can (and should) still support USB mass storage mode.
  • Flash is still only "meh," servicable and functional but not perfect. Funny, when I installed the, the market prompted me to update the Flash app. My understanding is that the version of Flash in the market that is compatible with ICS was rushed and a more optimized version is coming. Not a new version because development is ending for it, but something a bit smoother.
  • Can't wait for the LTE version to go live. Hearing some of these responses about ICS has me really excited. Did I read correctly that screenshot works without root?
  • Yup. You press and hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time. I have a Galaxy Nexus and let me stress this: ICS is functionally the same between the phone version and the tablet verision. Tweaks have been made to accommodate the form factors and screen sizes but whatever tricks you know for ICS on a phone apply to the Xoom running this update. I tried a screen shot last night without even wondering whether it could do it and it took the shot just as it does on the Nexus.
  • anyone know if this is for the Xoom Family Edition as well??
  • Motorola themselves said the Xoom including the Family Edition will get ICS.
  • This particular post is only regarding the Original Xoom Wifi.
  • No luck here.
    At least not yet.
  • You will be waiting at least a week, probably longer before the push.
  • I just got my ICS update OTA on my WiFi Xoom. How do I take screenshots?
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