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Motorola Xoom appears headed for Sprint, will sport WiMax (natch)

It appears that the Motorola Xoom is heading to Sprint's network, and will sport WiMax in lieu of Verizon's LTE. (No telling if you'll have to send it back to Motorola to get it, though.) Verizon had exclusivity on the first Honeycomb tablet for quite some time, until the WiFi-only was released a couple weeks ago. Now thanks to cases appearing at Sprint stores, it looks like it will be getting some more carrier love, boasting Sprint's 4G WiMax network. 

No release date yet, but you have to believe it will be soon to compete with Verizon's unit, especially when the LTE ready devices finally start rolling out. [BGR]

  • Old news confirmed. Bad ass!
  • Nice!!! Even though I know I will never get one of these, it is still nice to see Sprint getting some of the best hardware around. I don't want Sprint to get bought out or go bankrupt because then I would have to pay out of my @$$ to be with Verizon or AT&T.
  • Dont worry...Sprint won't get boughten out. As long as theres high prices elsewhere, Sprint will always be there for the people who know what they're doing :)
  • Where exactly did the news for the Wimax radio come from? This is just a screen shot for a case. The BGR report didn't say either.
  • Blah. I love my evo. Which is why I would never buy a tablet with the same thing I can do tethering. Besides, now that I've held out this long I thing the transformer has much more potential than the xoom.
  • Does anyone actually say "natch" instead of "naturally"? Androidcentral is the only place I've ever seen the word. BTW, I'm glad, as a Sprint customer, that they continue to get great hardware!
  • this is great news for Sprint customers hopefully it'll be a more finish honycomb.
  • I love Sprint!
  • I'm thinking about getting this even though I have a rooted EVO. The battery situation is ridiculous on the EVO. Often I get home with battery in the red. My xoom would be ready to go. Does tethering add to battery run down?
  • Ummm....YES! if you are running a froyo rom get juice defender from the market. It can close to double your battery with just the default settings.
  • Great addition to the sprint line up. Being on sprint is so much fun especially this summer.
  • Getting a device with an obsolete 4G tech on it...oh so fun.
  • That's great. Now if only Sprint would get WiMax to more cities. I'm seriously contemplating getting a Verizon branded Motorola Xoom because they have better LTE coverage as far as I can tell.