Motorola S-11 Flex HD.


There are a lot of Bluetooth headsets available, in countless configurations. You've got plenty of selection, even if you're more interested in listening to music that you would be taking calls. The holy grail is finding one that's great at both. Enter the Motorola Flex-11 HD Bluetooth Stereo Headset, which fits the bill nicely.

They're stylish, they fit well, and most importantly they deliver high quality sound both for calls and the music you listen to on your Android phone or tablet. I've been testing my pair for a while, and I have to say I'm pretty pleased.

The Motorola Flex-11 HD is an all around, all purpose headset. Covered with a protective coating and moisture-repellent mesh, they are perfect for every day use. It gets humid here on the east coast in the summers, and if you wear a Bluetooth headset of any kind it's going to get foul and sweaty. The Flex-11 HD was built for it, and they wipe clean easily.

They're also simple to pair and use. Tap the power button located on the top of the right earpiece, and you'll be greeted with a pleasant voice telling you you're connected or ready to pair, as well as the remaining time on the battery. On the same earpiece is the volume rocker, and the call or function button is on the left earpiece. there are no confusing controls to fiddle with.

Motorola S-11 Flex HD.

There's also a water resistant flap which covers a standard micro USB charging port, and the Flex-11 HD will charge up in about 90 minutes with the included power supply. Also included are extra ear cushions of various sizes for the perfect fit in your ears, and an adjustable inner band that allows the Flex-11 HD to fit just about anyone. Match this with earstems that lengthen and rotate, and you'll be able to get the perfect fit.

Motorola S-11 Flex HD.

Most importantly, the Flex-11 HD sounds good. Calls are clear, and sound better than most wireless set-ups. They sound good enough to use as a headset for calling on your laptop or from your Android device. Also very important for this style of headset is how well your music sounds while playing. Bluetooth headsets aren't exactly known for their audio quality, but the Flex-11 HD delivers better sound quality that you expect it to -- rivaling the average set of wired headphones. Audiophiles may get better sound out of their expensive buds or headsets, but the Flex-11 HD sounds as good or better than a mid-range set from Sony or Beats. 

Motorola S-11 Flex HD.


  • Moisture-resistant
  • High quality sound
  • Plenty of adjustment for the perfect fit


  • Price
  • The earbud style tends to dampen background noise. This is great for music, but not so much for all-purpose wearing among friends.

The bottom line


The Motorola Flex-11 HD isn't cheap. At over $100 you'll be able to find plenty of Bluetooth stereo headsets that cost less. But you'll be hard pressed to find a pair that sounds as good, especially when listening to your music on the go. The adjustable fit and included included inner band and ear cushions mean the Flex-11 HD will fit snugly and not shake loose during a vigorous workout or outdoor activity.

If you're looking for great sound without the hassle of wires, the Flex-11 HD is certainly worth a long hard look.