Free phones, cheap accessories and reward points all up for consideration

Motorola is sending out surveys to its current device financing customers indicating that the company plans to take the service a bit further in the future. Available since November of last year, Motorola's financing program works much the same as any other retailer — you are offered $0 down and 0% interest financing for your phone purchase, with somewhere between six and 18 months to pay off the bill. According to surveys of current customers, Motorola is considering throwing in even more incentives for buying your next phone on credit.

Extras such as discounts on Google products, cheap Motorola accessories, "points" for exchanging your phone and rewards for being a loyal Motorola customer are all up for consideration, though it isn't clear which ones are front-runners at this point.

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Motorola is also considering an "Elite" benefits program that would charge you a small monthly fee to take advantage, but would offer specific deals like free phones at a certain point and other exclusive benefits not available to folks using regular device financing.

Companies conduct surveys like these all of the time to check the interest among previous and potential customers, so it'll likely be some time before we see Motorola make any move on this. It does make sense to try and throw in relatively cheap incentives if it gives any boost in device sales, though, so we can easily see this happening.

Source: Droid-Life