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Motorola RAZR HD appears in some new images sporting Vodafone software

Better known as the Droid RAZR HD from previous images, some new photos of the Motorola RAZR HD have now turned up sporting some Vodafone software. Looking at them it's kind of hard to tell where in the RAZR HD timeline this particular device is. It could be an earlier engineering unit that was made available before the Verizon branded versions were handed out or it could be a later revision but either way, we may never know, as the person who posted the photos doesn't have the device. We know the FCC has this one already, awaiting approval so it's only a matter of time before this one fully lands. Some more images can be found below for your viewing pleasure.

Source: XDA (opens in new tab)

Motorola RAZR HD

Motorola RAZR HD

  • I would consider selling my SGS3 for this.
  • Now that I know Moto can fit the 3300 mAh battery, I don't think I could ever buy another phone from them that is less than that. Especially after seeing the shafting that Razr owners got when the Maxx was released shortly after. Not putting 3300 in this HD phone is a huge deal breaker for me.
  • Could not be said any better. Buy one, and then watch in disbelief 3 months later as the Razr HD MAXX is unveiled. My wife has the Razr while I use the Maxx, and she constantly pokes at me me for it.
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  • I just want a phone with an unlockable bootloader, that 3300 mAh battery, on-screen keys, and LTE. We now know the Razr HD has on-screen keys, the LTE was a given before these photos, and Motorola is saying they'll unlock future devices (I know, I know). Is it unreasonable to assume the 3300 mAh battery is in? Verizon may actually keep my business if this turns out to be a beastly, development friendly device.
  • It has already been confirmed that it won't have the 3300 size battery. That will be a deal breaker for many would be users.
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  • Hurtin'
  • wow someone is screwed, they didn't get rid of the serial number in the upper corner. They will get called into the bosses office in 3...2...1...
  • Having worked for Motorola in the past I can tell you that most of these leaks are intentional in order to get consumer interest up. Especially now with the S 3 selling so well.
  • I wish a Nexus had 3300mAh battery. I would even consider leaving nexus for moto if it had jelly bean and a skin that was close to stock esp since i would just throw apex or nova on there, and a 720 HD Display. Crisp and clear. *Dreams* . . . . oh yeah and LTE quad core.
  • You could always buy the Seidio 3800 mAh battery, or buy two of the Samsung OEM 2100 mAh Extended Batteries and keep one of them on your pocket.
  • 8 mega pixel camera? What happened to the 13megapixel? I hope it is at least an upgraded sensor from the maxx.
  • This doesn't need a 3300 mah battery, but it should at least have a removable battery so that you could swap out spares or get an extended battery. After leaving the Droid 4 for the SGS3, there's no way I could go to a phone that has a crappy screen or non-removable battery, not even if the phone has ports galore or the gimmicky inductive charging