What you need to know

  • It's still unknown what specs or Android version this phone will have.
  • Slim top and side bezels accompany a slightly larger bottom bezel.
  • There could be a red color scheme due to red accents on the pop-up.

Motorola has made a few headlines recently with the recently-announced Motorola One Zoom and Motorola One Action, but a new leak from XDA Developers shows Motorola may have another trick up its sleeve.

Images obtained by XDA show a phone with a notch-free display with small top and side bezels and a bit of a chin and a pop-up selfie camera on the right top corner. It appears that instead of keeping the camera housing a strict black color, there are accents of red on the sides, which could be there to indicate a red device.

A camera for any occasion

Motorola One Zoom

Upping the game

The beautiful OLED screen, great design, and flexible camera options help this phone stand out in a crowded field. Coming in at a palateable price for a near flagship device the Motorloa One Zoom is worth a look.

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