Motorola E6 Play RenderSource: Mobielkopen

Who says an inexpensive phone has to look cheap? Motorola certainly seems to disagree with this sentiment if these new renders of the yet-to-be-announced Moto E6 Play have anything to say about it. Mobielkopen got their hands on renders of an unannounced Motorola phone and, judging by the visual information present, the likelihood is that this look belongs to the upcoming Moto E6 Play.

While it's not great to judge a book by its cover, Motorola is showing that the cover of a budget-minded smartphone can certainly look quite smart, indeed. A shiny new back adorns both the blue and grey offerings for this latest Motorola device and, judging by a number of areas, the Moto E6 Play seems to be a significant form factor upgrade when compared to the humble Moto E5 Play

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Motorola E6 Play in greySource: Mobielkopen

So what makes us think this is the E6 Play? For starters, the design is eerily similar to the Moto E6 Plus, which was announced just last month. The biggest difference on the back is the rotated camera module, which features a single camera and an LED flash instead of the dual-camera module on the E6 Plus. While it's a less expensive device, it still features that rear-facing fingerprint scanner masked by the Motorola logo.

Up front, there's a forehead in place of a notch, which is a preferable design for some users. This forehead, in addition to the chin below, likely means the screen is 18:9 aspect ratio instead of the taller 19.5:9 aspect ratio found on the Moto E6 Plus. On the bottom, you'll notice a microUSB port and, although not easily visible in the renders, the top of the phone sports a 3.5mm audio jack which is perfect for headphones or audio out to a car's audio system via the handy aux jack.

There's no word on price or specs yet, but the Moto E5 Play currently retails for $100, which makes it $50 less expensive than the Moto E6 Plus.

Budget champ

Moto E6 Plus

Easy budget buy

Featuring a 6.1-inch HD screen with a tall 19.5:9 aspect ratio, this budget-friendly phone from Motorola ships with Android 9 Pie and a battery that will easily last all day and then some. It's also got dual cameras on the back for better-than-expected photography capabilities at this price range.

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