Motorola Droid Bionic hitting the shelves at Costco Sept. 8

While you probably won't find an awesome 3D robotic head sculpture in the box, it looks like you'll be able to grab a Droid Bionic from Costco on Sept. 8 -- the same day you'll find it at Verizon corporate stores.  In a little over a week, the dual-core LTE device that everyone's been wanting since January will finally be in our hands.  Like everyone, we're curious how the OMAP4 will handle battery life with a power-hungry LTE modem, and ready to put the Bionic to the test.

No details about the pricing, but with Costco's warranty and guarantee we know many folks prefer to buy their Android goodness there while shopping for pallets of canned corn and 50 roll packs of paper towels.  And do try the Hawaiian Ham samples -- they're to die for.

Thanks, Anon!

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • FIRST!!!! Costco is a great place to buy phones and I bought my Droid Charge there July 10th, so that gives me til Sept 10 to swap phones and just pay the difference if there is one...!!! Sept 8th couldn't have came at a more perfect time for me!!!90 day questions asked is a wonderful wonderful way to stay current!!! p.s. I can't stand this laggy Charge!!!!
  • I thought they were trying out an auto-delete filter for "first" and "!!!!!" Posts... Doesn't seem to be working very well yet.
  • Douche
  • Very happy with my Rooted, Rommed, Kerneled, Gingerbread 2.3.4. Superamoled+ HDMI Out 4G Droid Charge and with Juice Defender Ultimate 24hrs between Charges with average use.. But Welcome! Welcome to all my new Verizon Bionic Sisters & Brothers! Ya Gonna Love Verizon's True 4G Speed... Hope you also have Grandfathered Unlimited Internet in your pocket along with that upgrade ticket!
  • Sams club is also getting it sept 8 i believe. Theres a sign for a droid phone at the entrance of sams club ( i work there). Says coming soon!
  • whoops double post
  • I'll be getting it there, as long as the accessory deal holds.
  • What gets that they might just have that promotion made for a month after release to get people to buy units before the iphone. Id love for it to be a launch day special but im skeptical.
  • I will hold on to my OG Droid until Verizon offers a better phone with an unlocked bootloader. I will not bite on one of those re-root every time you re-boot solutions. Until I get a fully unlocked bootloader, I will keep my OG. Hopefully the Nexus/Samsung Prime will be the one.
  • I'll definitely buy it at Costco if the accessories package holds up. I want to confirm it soon, so I know if I want to buy it there still, Best Buy (probably not), Amazon, or just go to Verizon. I'm heading down there next week to confirm that it's true.