Motorola celebrates 50 app update milestone with Hangout on Air to talk software

Punit Soni to field questions live with #AskMoto hashtag

Motorola has made a big deal out of bringing several of its devices' core functionalities out into the Play Store for easy updating, and it is now marking the milestone of 50 updates to over 15 apps over the last 8 months. Touchless Control, Active Display, Motorola Camera and Gallery are just a few of the apps updated regularly through Google Play rather than a complete system update, and to celebrate the accomplishment Motorola is hosting a live Hangout on Air to talk software.

Punit Soni will be leading the event, and is requesting questions from the public — simply post with the hashtag #AskMoto on Google+, Facebook or Twitter to ask your question, and hopefully Punit will read it during the event. Thanks, questions and suggestions are all welcomed, he says, and while the number of questions is sure to balloon to an unanswerable number, it may be worth watching.

The Hangout on Air will kick off at 1:00pm PT on Wednesday, April 23rd, and you can RSVP to watch at the Google+ event page below.

Source: Motorola; Google+ Event

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.