Motorola Atrix now available in the UK

Motorola's dual-core Atrix has launched in the UK, exclusively on the Orange network for the time being. Orange is offering the Atrix for free on 24-month contracts of £35 per month, which includes 600 minutes, unlimited SMS, 50 MMS and a 750MB data allowance.

Cheaper contracts are available, and you can expect to pay between £50 and £200 for the phone itself if you opt for one of these. Orange is also offering the Motorola's "Lapdock" alongside the Atrix, though this'll set you back a slightly eye-watering £299.99 (~$500).

To find out whether the Atrix (and Lapdock) is worth your hard-earned cash, be sure to check out our review of the Atrix 4G, AT&T's HSPA+ version of the phone.

Source: The Orange Shop

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Wow talk about a low data cap!
  • Is there any point of this phone unless you want a dual core phone in which case the Galaxy S2 is cheaper and better. The "laptop dock" is a similar price to a decent netbook and also the same size so if you want to carry the dock around you might aswell but something that offers more functionality/memory/speed etc. If the dock was around £50-70 I could see the point, but £300 for something for just a screen and a keyboard?? The Galaxy S2 offers screen mirroring as do many other phone so you could easily mirror the screen to a Monitor/TV and then use a wireless keyboard and mouse to do pretty much the same thing on the big screen, like the guy in this vid
  • I'm in the US and have had the atrix since day one. Its definitely a great phone, and hopefully you guys don't have to wait for hsupa to be activated like we did. But all in all its the fastest phone I've yet to see.loading apps, scroling through screens, blazes through the internet. Oh and I wouldn't buy the laptop dock if I were you. Too expensive and needs tethering plan ( at least here) they're are hdmi mirroring hacks for it. I've done it and works great.