Motorola Android Device To Be Released Holiday 2009, BOOO!

Does Motorola offer any good news anymore? After confessing our love to Motorola amidst their job cuts and dreaming about the pairing of the Android OS with Motorola Design while they bleed money, we regret to inform you that the much anticipated Motorola Android Device won't be released until the 2009 Holiday Season. Go ahead and buy the G1 now folks because it's going to be a loong time before Motorola pushes out an Android phone.

We had reported that second quarter 2009 was likely but Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha debunked those reports in his Q3 Earnings call. The next Holiday Season is more than a year away and we at Android Central can't hide our disappointment. Sigh. See you next year Moto. 

What do you guys think?

[Silicon Alley Insider]

Casey Chan