Motorola Admiral images leaked -- portrait qwerty never looked so good

We know that the Motorola Admiral isn't going to appeal to everyone.  People who want a 4-inch plus screen or a razor thin slab (or both) probably won't look twice at it.  But hey -- there are plenty of those out and more are coming.  This one is for people who need a business oriented device that's tough as nails, and built for communication.  The mil-spec Admiral delivers in the specs department with Android 2.3, a 3.1-inch display, QWERTY keyboard, an 1860mAh battery, 5MP camera and a 1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor.  And it chirps -- it's the first full CDMA device featuring Sprint's CDMA direct connect, which may just bring a tear of joy to more than a few eyes.  May IDEN rest in peace.  Besides what we already knew from video that Sprint accidentally posted a while ago, we also get to see a great shot of the profile and it's wedge shaped design.  One more pic is after the break.

Source: Engadget


Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Sprint keeps pumping out phones they have gotten so much better over the last 3 years.they got Iphone 4s coming the bad ass Galaxy S2 EVO 3d keep them coming.
  • Sprint will be a serious contender in the next few years once they replace that iDen spectrum with some nice, penetrating (due to lower frequency) LTE.
  • Nexus Prime or bust.
  • There was a typo: 1.2MHz lol
  • Haha... I was gonna say... 1.2 MHz? As in "mega"? As in "not giga"? I'm pretty sure my TI calculator is faster than that!
  • Lol I bet that 1.2MHz processor will be a bit slow. Maybe if they clock it to 1.2GHz it will be great. ;)
  • That's one hell of an overclock. Is it stable?
  • Lol I think the processor would implode if it tried to operate at 1.2MHz. 1.2GHz is fine. The processor can handle 1.8-2.1GHz in some devices (like my Incredible 2).
  • And since it has the Qualcomm processor, I am betting this one is not actually built by Moto.
  • I hate those blackberryesque keyboards. The weird bumps make me mistype.
  • Sprint's come a long they have some of the best phones of all time. Next, they need to work on their service (immediately). goodbye wimax hello LTE :)
  • They will concel my discont which is 27 % ,i will let sprint go and go back to t-mobile
  • Pretty disrespectful to leak this now don't you think?
  • Hey, the screen's still almost as big as an iPhone's.
  • Sprint would be great if they just had good service in Boston, until then then they could have every phone out there & I still wouldn't use then.. But yes they have grown nicely in the past few years..
  • Sprint has achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction (tied with Verizon) and has some fantastic phones. If they can just hold down churn and steal some contracts from other carriers while they roll out LTE they could be in a good spot. But they still have some significant long-term financial trends that aren't so good.
  • Sprint they did good job the last few years specially when they release evo 4g. we know sprint released three high class phones in four month evo 3D, photon 4G and SGS 2. Now again iPhone 4s we have to give a credit
  • All I see is awesome battery life! Why can't more companies put bigger batteries in highend devices!?
  • hell yes! If only I had a contract with Sprint
  • oh lookie!.... a palm pixi... now with Android!!!!