Moto X+1 pops up on Motorola's site again

The Moto X+1 hasn't exactly been the shiest smartphone around. The first time we picked up on the Moto X+1 was in early April when the branding leaked online. Later some rumors suggested we'd be seeing leather and wood backplates as option for the upcoming handset, among many others. And finally, the Moto X+1 now appeared on Motorola's own website before quickly being removed. Time for a little bit of déjà vu as the Moto X+1 is back Motorola's site.

Moto X+1 Website

There's really not much to it. You're just looking at Motorola making a little slip up and letting us know the Moto X+1 is an actual thing. No specs are known at this point. Nor do we know what the device will look like. The only thing Motorola has said publicly is that a small hint that a Moto X refresh would be coming in summer.

What do you think the Moto X+1 should bring to the table to get you to buy one?

Source: Motorola Via: Droid-Life

Sam Sabri