Moto X may use iPhone 5-style nano-SIM

At this point, many of the Moto X's hardware and software features have already been the subject of extensive online leaks. It's a little surprising, then, to see Motorola's upcoming handset hiding one more surprise — a nano-SIM tray. The photo on the right was snapped by GSM Insider in Hong Kong, and clearly shows a smaller SIM tray and matching nano-SIM card alongside the unreleased device. (That's as opposed to the slightly larger and more common micro-SIM standard.)

Currently the only mainstream smartphone to use the nano-SIM standard is Apple's iPhone 5. Earlier in the year ASUS' quirky Padfone Infinity became the first Android handset to rock a nano-SIM.

The possible use of a nano-SIM slot in the Moto X raises a few questions, not least of which is how the decision benefits Motorola. The Moto X doesn't appear significantly more compact than other Android phones, most of which use micro-SIMs. The hassle involved with changing (or trimming down) SIM cards could also pose an obstacle to would-be Moto X buyers.

Motorola's launch event is just a day away, in any case, and we're sure any remaining questions will be addressed at tomorrow's NYC gathering.

Source: GSM Insider; via: Engadget

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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