The Moto Z2 Force was a pretty weak follow-up to last year's Moto Z/Z Force, but even so, it's still one of the few phones on the market that's compatible with Motorola's Moto Mods. The Moto Mod system is the best "modular" smartphone platform we've seen hit the market so far, and while there have been a lot of cool and useful Moto Mods, there have been others that left us scratching our heads.

Android Authority recently got exclusive details on the latest Moto Mod that's in the works. It's called the AT&T Mobile TV Cast, and it's offensively pointless.

The AT&T Mobile TV Cast will attach to the back of your Moto Z device like all other Moto Mods, and just like the Alexa speaker Moto Mod that was announced earlier this week, there's no camera cut-out for whatever reason. Instead, it's been replaced by a bright blue AT&T logo.

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Below the logo is a stick that pops out of the Mod, and plugging this into your TV will allow you to cast DirecTV Now (AT&T's live TV streaming service) to your television. The source that provided Android Authority with this information says that the stick uses USB, but we're inclined to believe that this is incorrect and that it'll actually use an HDMI input like the Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, and other streaming devices.

Speaking of those other streaming solutions, they're the exact reason why there's no reason for this Moto Mod to exist.

Google's Chromecast costs $35, and it's the main reason you shouldn't bother with this latest Mod.

The AT&T Mobile TV Cast will allow you to mirror your phone's display for viewing other content, and presumably the ability to cast from other streaming apps in addition to DirecTV Now. There's also a 2,730 mAh battery packed into the Mod, and this is expected to act as a battery bank for your Moto Z so you can have another way to charge up while on the go.

That's all hunky dory, but here's the problem – Moto Mods are historically very pricey. Just a regular battery pack Moto Mod can set you back an easy $80, and while exact pricing details for the AT&T Mobile TV Cast have yet to be announced, we wouldn't be surprised if it cost around $100 (if not more).

Why is this a thing?

Google's Chromecast costs $35. Amazon's Fire TV Stick can be yours for just $40. Better yet, they're not tied down to particular smartphones.

I understand that Motorola's trying to branch out with the Moto Mod system and try new things, but no matter how you look at it, there's no reason why anyone should buy this over any of the other streaming solutions we already have. The AT&T Mobile TV Cast is a simple cash-grab between Motorola and AT&T, and while that's fine, it doesn't mean you should hand over any money for it when it's eventually released.

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