Monoprice's 5-port USB-C charger with Quick Charge 3.0 has dropped to $35

Monoprice 5 Port Usb C Charger
Monoprice 5 Port Usb C Charger (Image credit: Amazon)

The Monoprice Obsidian Speed Plus 5-port 80W USB-C desktop charger has dropped to $34.70 on Amazon. The 5-port charger normally sells for around $48, and today's deal is within a buck of the lowest price we've ever seen. You can find the same charger discounted through the Monoprice website. You might notice it seems cheaper there, but then you'll find you have to pay a mandatory shipping fee that brings the total to the exact same as Amazon's.

Get one 80W Power Delivery USB-C port and 4 USB-A ports outfitted with Quick Charge 3.0 so no matter what you plug in, you're getting a super fast charge every time. Use the included stand to orient the charger vertically if you wish.

The five ports on this wall adapter includes one USB-C port and four USB-A ports. You can use all of them simultaneously if you have that much stuff you need to charge. The charger spreads 80 watts of power across five different ports. If you choose to just use the USB-C port, for example, you can get up to 60W of power. That's important if you plan to use the charger on something like a USB-C powered laptop. It shouldn't really be a problem in most situations, though.

The USB-C port has Power Delivery, and the four USB-A ports include Quick Charge 3.0 technology. That means no matter what you plug in, you're getting the fastest possible charge. They are even smart enough to figure out what's plugged in so you don't get too much charge.

You can decide how you want to place this charger. Keep it flat on your desk or set it up vertically using the included stand. Vertically, the stand won't take up as much space and that may be important to you depending on where you're placing it. Or, since the device is portable, you can set it up in the stand when you're working from your desktop and take it with you when you're done working and lay it flat on your nightstand in your bedroom.

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